What do you think your findings would be if you observed people and wrote down their life longevity when it comes to their coffee drinking rituals?

Coffee is considered a delicious, nut unhealthy drink. However recent researches have shown that it offers numerous health benefits to the overall health.

Two studies have investigated this issue for 16 years in about 10 European countries. They have found out that three cups of coffee per day is OK, but they have also shown that even though coffee does not prevent dying, it may determine when death occurs. According to the researchers, despite the fact that all people differ in many things, the one thing that was in common for them was that the coffee was related to lowered rate of death in cases of digestive issues. In addition, it also indicated a lowered death rate of cerebrovascular and circulatory issues in women.

Moreover, according to the Medical News Today, unlike the participants who never consumed coffee, those who drunk a cup of coffee a day had reduced risk of kidney disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, heart attack, stroke and cancer by 12 %. The risk of death was lowered by 18 % in participants who drunk three cups of coffee a day.


The study also took into consideration that fact that Italians drink smaller, but higher concentrations of coffee, such as espresso, whereas Danes consumes coffee a lot. However, it was found out that it does not matter whether they drink decaf or regular coffee, caffeine had no great impact. Veronica Setiawian, the author of the study and a professor at preventive medicine, stated that coffee has numerous phenolic compounds and antioxidants, which have an impact on cancer prevention, especially chronic liver disease and liver cancer. In addition, Alice Lichtenstein, a director of Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory at the University of Tufts, stated that one positive thing in coffee consumers may be that when they drink coffee they are busy and do not consume high-sugar beverages, such as: apple juice.

Not only people drink a lot of coffee, they also use a lot of additives. Moreover, they use various products, like conventional milk or fake creamer, which can lead to severe health issues and have a negative impact on their overall health, as opposed to natural grass-fed milk or cream.

The two most controversial types of food are considered to be coffee and fat. However, as it has been shown that coffee may be beneficial for you, some fats, like MCT oil and coconut oil, are good for you, too. In addition, they are beneficial for enhancing your memory and the function of the brain, for regulating hormonal balances and preventing inflammation and diseases, so they can be added it coffee rather than creamer.

The Bulletproof Blog, while making a comparison between the benefits of coconut oil, MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil and C8 (caprylic acid), noted that the studies have shown that people do not intake enough MCTs from MCT oil or coconut oil. Coconut oil is beneficial for people. It is also cheap and rich in lauric acid even though it does not act in the same way as MCT oil. Bulletproof Coffee is a well-known type of coffee these days, which contains no mitochondrial-inhibiting toxins, grass-fed butter, grass-fed ghee and Brain Octane oil (concentrated form of MCT oil). Even though some add MCT oil, coconut oil and grass-fed butter in black coffee, the ketone levels are not increased. When the ketone levels are increased, the satiety hormone CCK is released, too.

This in turn eliminates hunger and food cravings. Ketones also enhance the mental clarity of the brain.

C8 ha numerous health benefits, including increased levels of energy, increased levels of blood Ketones levels, lowered levels of blood glucose, reduced body fat, stimulated antimicrobial activity and lowered risk of metabolic issues. Coconut oil is rich in medium chain fats, such as: C12, C10, C8 and C6 fats. However, the fractionated coconut oil contains only C8 and C10 fats.

These fatty acids offer numerous health benefits, too, as capric and caprylic fatty acids increase the levels of Ketones.

MCTs (Medium-chain fatty acids)

Two forms of fatty acids exist: unsaturated and saturated. C8 represents a saturated fatty acid, and it is based on the designation of carbon atom number in the hydrocarbon chain. In fact, if the carbon chain is shorter, the MCT will be more effectively transformed into Ketones, which boosts up energy levels and is more beneficial than glucose.

Ketosource noted that:

• Less than 6 carbons indicate SCTs (short-chain fats)
• 6 – 12 carbons indicate MCTs that is effective for weight control atherosclerosis, energy levels and aging.
• Over 22 carbons indicate long-chain fats

C8 is part of the MCT, as it contains 8 carbons, and this is the reason why it is known as C8 MCT, which is present in grass-fed butter, palm oil and coconut oil. Lauric acid (C12) and capric acid (C10), which represent long-chain fatty acids, do not produce ketones as effectively as C8.

If fatty acids are eliminated from coconut oil and palm oil, C8 MCT is produced, which is 100 % caprylic acid. For example, more than 25 % of the fat yogurt consists of fatty acids different from those given above, whereas the others are C6 (capric acid).


A study published at the Journal of Dairy Science, has shown that:

C6 (capric acid) the lowest MCT carbon might be more effective at producing ketones than C8. This might be a result of the low number of carbons. It has been shown that C8 promotes increased levels of ketones in animals than the other MCTs.

However, nowadays, C6 oil products are not available. It is generally removed from MCT oil, as it is found in minimal amounts in palm oil and coconut oil. It is mostly found in animals fats in great amounts.

C8 is also known as actanoic acid, as acto represents 8. Caprylic acid triglycerides and caprylic triglyceride are other names, as C8 in medium chain fatty acids comes from the triglycerides, even though they contain different molecules than C8. Moreover, C8 represents a free acid.

Caprylic acid triglyceride and C8 are the same. Namely, the pancreas releases lipase, an enzyme that dissolves triglycerides in three fat components and a glycerol molecule. When the lipase dissolves the triglycerides, it turns into caprylic acid and it is transformed into ketones.

According to the studies, C8 enhances the production of ketones. A C8 modicum enhanced the blood lipid state in rats with hypertension. Moreover, C8 is able to put the body in a state of ketosis that Dr. Josh Axe determines as:
The metabolic state happens when the energy levels in the body come from the ketones in the blood, instead of the glucose. It is contrary to glycolytic state in which the blood glucose supplies the body with energy. When the energy levels in the body are increased, your body is in a state of ketosis.


MCT oil has numerous benefits for the overall health, including:

• It improves athletic performance
• It reduces appetite and stimulates weight loss
• It enhances mitochondrial function
• It reduces the risk of diabetes type 2
• It boosts up the levels of energy
• It prevents fatty liver diseases
• It improves neurological and cognitive abilities
• It acts as a dietary therapy for treating epilepsy
• It prevents prostate cancer
• It prevents Alzheimer’s
• It prevents skin cancer

It is important to mention that MCT oil can be used as cooking oil or a salad dressing, even though it should not overpass 320º F, because it oxidizes and breaks down, which affects the flavor. Moreover, you should start with small amounts of 1 teaspoon a day and increase the dose with time to 4 tablespoon on a daily basis. Also, if you put off taking MCT oil for a while, start with small doses again, as the body should get used to the changes.

Usually, MCT oil has not odor and taste, but it is a healthy alternative of coffee creamer. Except the other healthy benefits, coffee consumption is also related to recues risk of Parkinson’s disease, whereas caffeine might enhance movement in people with Parkinson’s disease, too.

In addition, coffee has an ingredient, which prevents alcoholic cirrhosis. According to the studies, more than two cups of coffee a day may lover the risk of alcohol cirrhosis by 66 %. The coffee consumption may also lower the risk of liver cancer by 40 %. However, if you consume three cups on a daily basis, the risk of liver cancer may be lowered by over a half.


There are two reasons why coffee lowers the risk of death. Its beneficial effects may be a result of its ability to reduce the risk of certain diseases or it might be a result of the compounds found in the roasted coffee beans. In fact, these coffee beans are thought to contain numerous chemicals, including antibacterial compounds and antioxidants. Namely, antioxidants prevent harmful radical damage, which occurs as a result of chemical reactions in the body.


Coffee represents a crop contaminated with pesticide, so you should look for organic coffee. In fact, the organic coffee has not synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. The coffee beans contain a rich flavor and are rich in natural antioxidants.

Coffee is very beneficial for you. If you like to take all advantages of it, drink black coffee, without creamer or sugar, or add MCT oil to it. Without taking into consideration the type of the coffee, its smell should not be stale, but fresh. Otherwise, if its aroma is unpleasant, it may have poor quality and may be rancid.


There a few disadvantages of consuming coffee:

• Coffee has a double effect on severe headaches. In fact, it has been though to make certain relievers of pain more effective, which can prevent a headache. However, consuming coffee may cause headaches in some people.
• Coffee stains teeth. However, these coffee stains may be eliminated by rinsing the mouth with water just after drinking the drink. The stains can be also removed from a dental hygienist.
• In many people, caffeine possesses a diuretic effect, thus increasing the need of people to urinate often.
• Unfiltered coffee has two chemicals: kahweol and cafestol, which increase the levels of LDL (good) cholesterol in the blood. This type of cholesterol can cause a buildup of fatty deposits in the arterie lining and increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack. Nearly all coffee is filtered, which eliminates the chemicals found in it. However, espresso contains kahweol and cafestol, but it is consumed in smaller quantities than the other types of coffee.
• Coffee may calm down muscles in the digestive tract and can lead to defecation and diarrhea. To add, it may also cause acid reflux.
• Caffeinated coffee might have a great energizing effect and create jitters in people, who are sensitive. In addition, it may also stimulate heart palpitations.


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