Both men and women struggle with flabby and big arms which are aesthetically unappealing. Women who have saggy arms cannot wear their favorite sleeveless clothes, while men, on the other hand, prefer having huge muscles.

If you belong to this group of people you should start exercising since that is the only way to tone your muscles and burn arm fat.

Here are 4 exercises that may help you to reduce arm fat:

1. Weight lifting

For this exercise, select an item that weighs around a kilo, for example a 2 liter water bottle and use it as a weight. Hold the bottle with your hands and lift it above your head. Keep your arms straight. Then, lower the weight by taking the bottle behind your back. The slower you move, the more toned your muscles will be.

2. Chair dips

This exercise tones both your arms and the back muscles. Use a chair or another piece of furniture that is two feet higher than the ground. Face away from the chair and place your hands on it. Move 3-4 steps away and keep the upper part of your body straight. To match the chair, bend your knees and elbows. Move your body towards the floor. Then, return to the starting position.

3. Counter push ups

For this exercise you need a kitchen counter or a table. Face the counter with your arms and make sure your feet are touching its base. Then, move back from it until your body is leaned forward on tiptoes. This is the starting position. Next, bend your elbows and move downwards in order to touch the counter. Then, straighten the elbows and return to the starting position.

4. Push ups

Practice push-ups by balancing on your knees and hands (not toes and hands). Make sure you start with knee push-ups first.

Unfortunately, exercising sometimes is not enough. For maximum effects, you need to make certain dietary changes as well. For example:

• Increase the intake of water
• Reduce calorie intake
• Have a substantial breakfast
• Eat frequent and smaller meals
• Avoid processed foods and carbohydrates
• Avoid alcohol and quit smoking

Here is a video of a special workout program consisted of highly effective exercises that can also help you to get rid of the accumulated arm fat.

Practicing all these exercises along with maintaining proper nutrition will give you positive results in just two weeks.