Sleep is a very precious commodity. However, in most cases it is taken for granted. We all do many things during the day and eventually we have only couple of hours so we can recharge and be prepared for the next day.

If you are caffeinated, anxious or stimulated, it would be difficult for you to fall asleep, even though you are very exhausted.

Our health depends of a good night sleep your health. Our body is responsible for performing different processes during sleep and all of them are essential for revitalization and renewal. Being healthy is very important for having a fulfilled and healthy life. It is important to understand that you can be affected by insomnia and that you have to solve this sleep disorder.

Sleeping is important and it can help you to:

• Heal damaged cells;
• Boost your immune system;
• Recovering from your everyday activities;
• Recharging your cardiovascular system and heart.

We are all aware that sleeping is important and we all know that it is good to feel refreshed after you slept well and it is not good to feel fatigued after you did not sleep well. However, even if we are aware of that we do not try and get enough sleep.

If you do not get enough sleep you can become:

• Irritable, drowsy, or in some cases depressed;
• Have problems to consume new information, remembering things or even making decisions;
• You can crave unhealthy foods and that can cause weight gain.

Insomnia and its health effects

– High blood pressure – those who do not have enough sleep have bigger chances for developing high blood pressure as their bodies are not able to calm down.

– Heart disease – increased anxiety and high blood pressure happen because sleep efficiency and can be the reason for a heart disease.

– Weight gain – sleep deficiency can cause increased appetite and metabolism changes which can lead to weight gain.

– Weight loss – the appetite can decrease and you might lose weight quickly.

– Increased risk of diabetes and cancer– it was discovered by researchers that insomnia can trigger the proteins and hormones that are responsible for increased risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

– Reduce the function of the immune system – the performance of the immune system can make you to be even more susceptible to disease.

– Gastrointestinal problems – you could experience diarrhea or constipation.

– Vision problems – a lot of people can experience blurred vision.

– Increased headaches – people can start to experience chronic headaches which happen because of the tension of not sleeping.

– Learned insomnia – worrying and overanalyzing can cause an unpleasant vicious circle and the worries about not being able to sleep can contribute to this as well.

Other problems that happen because of insomnia

Sleep deficiency can have a negative influence over your life; it can reduce the normal ability, can make you to lose your friends, family or even your job.

– Not being able to manage stress – sleep deficiency, you might not be able to manage stress and this might make you to be overwhelmed and feel agitated.

– Irritability – you can experience irritability and it would be hard for you to be near people or be able to do the daily routines.

– Focus and concentration deficiency – being exhausted could interfere with you being able to pay attention.

– Memory loss – you could experience long or short term memory loss. Older people can experience memory loss a lot sooner if they have problems with insomnia.

– Reduced reaction time – sleep deficiency might cause you to react slowly to things. It can be dangerous if you are working with machinery or if you drive a vehicle.

– Reduced motor skills – it could be hard for you to handle certain objects or things.

– Reduced self-esteem – you could have dark under eye circles, bloodshot eyes, you can look pale, or have other insomnia symptoms which cause you to have low self-esteem.

– Increase participation in many risk situations – you could be more prone to risk if you did not get enough sleep.

– Increased risk of developing addictions – people who have problems with insomnia in some cases can start doing drugs, alcohol or become addicted to other things in order to help themselves with the problem of not having enough sleep.

– Depression – you can suffer from all symptoms of depression. In some cases depression might be the reason of your insomnia.

You have to remember that you can find different solutions which might be effective to sleep and you can solve the problem of insomnia. This is an amazing methodology and it is natural and simple technique. You will only need to use your body and breathe in order to return to a relaxed state and that is important for your body to get back to sleep.

Fall asleep in just 1 minute

Dr. Andrew Weil is a well known scientists and he is using a holistic approach that can help you to deal with the problems which affect our body and mind. You can combine the excellent Harvard education and his great experience in his life. He is an expert in managing different diseases which can affect our health, including insomnia as well.

Dr. Weil is well known for his relaxation exercise and it is known as the method 4-7-8 method. The biggest problem for falling asleep is the lying in bed, but not being able to fall asleep. You can spend many hours trying to fall asleep, but not being able to do that. However, this method can help you to be relaxed, and fall asleep.

1st step: exhale

First you have to lie down in a comfortable position. Then slowly exhale and place your lips as you would try to whistle. Make a “buzzing” sound.

2nd step: inhale and then count to 4

After you’ve exhaled, you should close your mouth and then inhale through your nose and while you do this count to 4.

3rd step: hold the breath and count to 7

While you hold your breath, count to 7. If it is possible, you should hold your breath for 7 seconds. If this is hard, you should count to a lower number. Eventually, you would be able to count to 7.

4th step: exhale and count to 8

Now you should exhale the breath that you have been holding for 8 seconds. Once again gather your lips as you would like to whistle and slowly exhale, while counting to 8.

You should exhale through the nose and exhale with your mouth. It is important to keep with the 4-7-8 ratio when you do this exercise. You should not be worried if you cannot meet the number requirements in the first place. You should do the exercise until you are finally able to do the exercise while doing the complete 4-7-8 technique. This way you will relax your body and become sleepy, which will make it easier for you to fall asleep.

You should know that this technique can be for different things as well. It can be used for relaxing and taking a break, calm down after being stressed out and control your impulses after overeating. Dr. Weil says that this technique can help you to be relaxed and stay asleep, as it is a “natural tranquilizer.”

Use this exercise at least 2 times daily. In the end you will be able hold your breath like the technique requires.