Unfortunately, fennel is still ignored by many households. This is because not many people are aware of its amazing properties and the benefits it can provide for human body.

Though many chefs continue to use fennel in their dishes, the common housewife does not include fennel in her weekly shopping list. This is too bad because fennel has the ability to prevent or even treat many unpleasant consequences of everyday life.

Learn all about this amazing plant, that you can even nurture into your own garden in your home. This way, you will have fresh fennel all year long, and numerous ways to consume it!

1. Prevent Anemia

Fennel contains iron and histidine, which are powerful allies towards a healthy system, with no anemia problems. These two assets help your body produce hemoglobin, the main component of the blood. Therefore, by consuming fennel, you significantly reduce the chances of ever suffering from anemia.

2. Treat Indigestion

In India, fennel is widely known for its healing properties when it comes to indigestion issues. This is why, they tend to chew some fennel seeds shortly after their meal. Follow India’s great example and use fennel in order to facilitate the digestion process. In addition, fennel will offer you a nice, refreshing breath after every meal.

3. No More Constipation

So many people have to face constipation issues in their daily life. This problem, might cause other more serious problems in the future. A few fennel seeds can help your body and act as a natural laxative. Many problems linked with bowel issues are often treated with medicines that contain fennel seeds.

4. Prevent Heart Disease

Fennel is a great ally for people who want to maintain healthy levels of blood stream and cholesterol. By eliminating the high levels of cholesterol, you offer your heart a great gift and prevent heart disease problems, atherosclerosis or even strokes.

5. Keep Cancer Away

Research has been completed over fennel seeds and has proven that this extract can actually constrain the growth of tumors. In addition, fennel seeds have the ability to protect the body against the dangerous effects of radiation during the chemotherapy process.

6. Empower Your Brain Function

Fennel contains potassium, which acts like an electrolyte and therefore, increases the electrical conduction through your body. These electrical conductions of course include all connections through your brain. Therefore, fennel can empower your brain function and improve the neural activity.

7. Boost Your Immune System

Fennel is a powerful source of vitamin C, and there is no doubt you know how important vitamin C is for your body. This vitamin boosts your immune system, repairs the skin tissue and act as a strong antioxidant against free radicals. Fennel can offer you 20% of the daily vitamin C income your body needs.

Fennel is strongly recommended for pregnant women, in order to empower their whole system. Try adding fennel to your daily diet, and you will see the results in just a short time period.