Having a mouse in your house will certainly make you scream out of fear and disgust. It is really annoying and disgusting to find a mouse poking through your food or walking through your cupboards and drawers between the dishes and cutlery.

Moreover, rats, mice and insects are disease transmitters and nobody would like them to hang around their house.

Therefore, we are going to present you some highly effective methods which can help you to keep mice and insects away from your house.

Beware of the fact that mice elimination is not an easy process since you do not know how many of them are there in your house or whether they come from the houses in your neighborhood.

You should take into consideration that mice are able to multiply with amazing speed and although their eradication seems a hard thing to do, it has to be done as soon as possible.

First method

The best mice hunters are definitely cats. Seldom do we find mice in the houses where cats live. Due to their nocturnal habits, cats are able to eliminate the mice easily. If you have a dog, it can be useful too.

Second method

We all know that soft drinks are harmful to our health, but they can actually kill mice. Owing to the carbon dioxide content, soft drinks cause an inflammation which puts the mice to death.

If you want to cause their death, put soda in a few bowls and place them in those parts of the house where you think those rodents may circulate. In a day or two you will find some of them dead.

Third method

Have you ever heard of the Paris plaster? It is a fast drying plaster used as a building material. However, it can be used for mice elimination too. Put the Paris plaster into a dish. Add flour and a tablespoon of salt and place the container in those parts of your house where you have detected mice or at the very entrance of your house.

It should be placed next to another container with water. The mixture of salt and flour will definitely attract the mice and after consuming it they will feel thirsty. The water in the other bowl will cause the plaster that they had consumed to harden, so drinking that water will eventually kill them.

Fourth method

Repeat the same procedure mentioned above but instead of salt use chocolate powder. The mixture of Paris plaster, cocoa and flour as well as the water that they will drink after consuming these dry ingredients, will have the very same effects as the previous method.

Fifth method

Finally, there is a method which would not kill the mice but it will keep them away. Sprinkle cayenne pepper in the corners of your house or put it into a bowl. It would be also useful if you put cloves in the cupboards.