Leading a fast paced life in this modern times can cause a lot of health issues. Being constantly in the move can be especially painful for certain parts of our bodies. In this context, one of the most affected body parts are the feet.

Taking into consideration that our life is based on being in a rush all the time, our feet are the most affected since they bear the whole burden of our body. This is particularly true for women who additionally burden their feet by wearing high-heeled shoes as well as uncomfortable shoes which add pressure to the feet thus causing more aggravated condition of the feet.

As a result, women may feel anxious and in a bad mood. However, there is a way to make all this go away. The secret is a simple combination of water and salt. Namely, there is a foot soak that can easily get rid of the pressure, tiredness and anxiety provoked by the body weight which constantly pressures the feet.

In addition you can also prevent vein varicose occurrence, cracked heels and fungal infections. By using this completely natural way you can relax and sooth your feet thus eliminating the terrible odour, calm the feet and kill all bacteria and fungi.

In order to prepare this foot soak you need the following ingredients: Epsom salt, peppermint essential oil, mint tea, olive oil, lemon juice, hot water. Put some hot water in a bowl and add all above mentioned ingredients. Then soak the feet in it for 15 minutes. After that rinse the feet with water and pumice stone to remove the dead cell skins.

With this relaxing foot soak you can feel the following benefits:

– It will reduce the stress levels i.e. due to its properties the Epsom salt helps in lowering the stress levels especially because it is rich in magnesium. The Epsom salt baths are effective stress relieving and can help in the fight against numerous health problems.

– It will detoxify your body i.e. it will cleanse your body from toxins because it is considered a universal detoxification method.

– It will relax your mind since according to reflexology, which is an ancient alternative medicine, many nerves and reflex points are stimulated thus providing relief.