People who spend much of the day sitting in front of the computer in the office have a problem with a sore lower back, stiffness and discomfort that is increasing day by day. So when you sit all day a few things are inevitable: your back is tense, your shoulders are tight, and the muscles of your neck are stiff.

Unless you are planning to retire soon, the effects of the time spent on your desk will worsen. Fortunately there is a way to get rid of all that tension.

These exercises inspired will help you get rid of the bad effects from sitting all day and they will loosen your stiff muscles. You can do them every day after work, and your back, neck and shoulders will be grateful.

Glute bridges

This is a great exercise for your back but it will also help you tighten the buttocks. Lie on the back with your knees bent. The feed should be hip-width apart and the hands placed beside the body.

Put the heels firmly on the floor. Lift them the hips and buttocks high in the air, so that the chest and back to stay on the floor. In the highest position tighten the muscles of the buttocks and stay in this position for five seconds. Then lower yourself down. Do at least three sets of ten repetitions.

Couch stretch

This exercise may sound like a tricky one, but you will quickly get used to it. Back the feet up against your couch. Slide the left leg so that your knee fits into the corner. Make the shin flush and point the toe. Then, draw up the right leg and post it in front of you with a vertical shin.

With your butt squeezed, drive the front of the hip toward the ground. Maintain this position for at least a minute. Now crank the hip flexor by lifting up the torso and hold for a while. Drive your torso upright, with your abs and glutes engaged.

Grok squat

Keep the feet wide apart and align the knees over the feet, slowly lower yourself, rest the arms on the knees, and don’t sit down! You will feel this stretch through the legs, groin and back.

Leg swings

Stand with the feet together, and hold something for balance. Raise the right leg out on the side, maintaining balance on the left foot. Then, swing your right leg in front of the left one, and swing it back. Then swing the leg side to side. Do twenty swings of both types.

Fire hydrants

Assume the all-fours position. Next, lift your leg to side and hold this position; keep the knee at a straight angle. Then lower back to the start position. Repeat this with the opposite leg.

But the best thing to do is stretch out and walk every half an hour even though that’s not always possible. So, if you notice you are sitting too long do these exercise to reverse the damage caused by sitting.

Reference: The Hearty Soul