We all have embarrassing habits, but the most interesting thing is that we refuse to talk about them. The chance of having the same embarrassing habit with one person out of ten is 90 %.

So, maybe it is not as embarrassing as we actually think. We usually try to hide our embarrassing habits, as we believe that they are a bit strange.

Girls are considered to be always good-looking and perfect. Nevertheless, nowadays, we know that women have body odor and body hair, too. For this reason, the perfect image of a female is destroyed. However, women should not be afraid to admit their embarrassing habits, because nearly all women have them. Here are some of the embarrassing things that women do, but will never admit if doing them.

• Women choose dry shampooing rather than washing their hair

Men usually have short hair, so they do not need a lot of time to wash and style it. For this reason, they do not know how much time women spend on washing their hair. We usually spend an hour on drying and styling the hair. In order to reduce the time women spend on washing and drying their hair, they choose dry shampoos. Using a dry shampooing the hair, women eliminate the hair greasiness and put off the washing for a few days. Dry shampooing also gives the hair fresh smell, so it is a great way to clean your hair and spend time. There are also dry shampoos that are used for dying the hair.

• Do not remove the make-up at night

Many women do not remove the make-up, and wake up with the yesterday’s make-up. All they do is just apply another layer on the top.

• We pick the nose

Women pick their noses very often, particularly if they are in a car. They use their fingers instead of taking a tissue.

• Peeing in the shower

This is common for both men and women. It is considered that peeing under the shower spends time and is also very beneficial for the surrounding. In fact, we spend less water and toilet paper. According to the studies, if we pee under the shower once per day, we will save one toilet roll on every 50th day. With this embarrassing habit we save the environment and money. According to a recent study, if 15.000 people pee under the shower once per day, they will manage to fill a pool over 25 times.

• Women do not wash their bras regularly

Underwear must be washed after every wearing. However, some underwear items do not need to be washed each time after we wear it. For example, jeans and coats can be washed after several wears. The same happens with the bras. Bras collect a lot of sweat, so they should be washed more often than women do. Although they have collected bacteria we wash them when they start to smell terribly. This habit can be a bit weird to men, as they believe that women keep their clothes clean.

• Spot cleaning rather than having a shower

By having a shower, we eliminate the bacteria on the body. Nevertheless, if we are in a bit of a hurry, we tend to wash certain body spots, like the armpits, the face, and the intimate parts. If you have a shower regular, you can sometimes do spot cleaning. In this way, you will save plenty of water. Women will never confess that they have this embarrassing habit, as they consider that people will think that they are not hygienic. There are a lot of people who prefer spot cleaning rather than taking a bath.

• Facing up with facial hair

Both women and men deal with the problem of facial hair. However, they have different methods for removing it. Women consider this as an embarrassing thing, because they think that they are less famine if they have this problem. The facial hair in women may be an indication of hormonal imbalance or other health issues. Nevertheless, it is a normal thing and women should not be ashamed of it. In order to remove the facial hair women use waxing, shaving and laser treatment. There are women who do not remove their facial hair. We should realize that having facial hair is completely normal.

• Makeshift pad

Women not always are able to predict the exact time of their period, so they face up with uncomfortable things, like do not having a menstrual pad with them. For this reason, they often try to make a pad by using toilet paper, tissues, napkins, or even there were cases when women used socks or similar materials. This is an embarrassing experience that they will never admit of.

• Hair in the shower

People, who have long hair, have cleaned the shower drain from hair and know more about this problem. However, people with short hair are not the case. While having a shower, women usually collect hair and put it on the shower wall, so that they can remove it afterwards. If you forget to remove the hair of the wall, this is really problematic for the next person who takes a shower. In order to prevent hair getting into the shower drain, you can collect it on the shower wall. But, make sure not to forget it there.

• Candid or not candid selfies

There are people who enjoy taking selfies and spend planet of time until they make the perfect one. The lucky ones manage to take a perfect selfie of their make-up and their look. Another way is to use a selfie stick. Both men and women who enjoy taking selfies will never admit that they spent a lot of time until they take a perfect one.

• Women fart

Women fart, too. They tend to fart loud when they are alone. However, if they are in company, they usually hold it or let it our slowly.

• Social media stalkers

Many women prefer social media stalking, and they experienced as they work for the FBI. Even though women have special skill for stalking, they do not admit it. If they interested in somebody, they spend a lot of time of social medial stalking. Namely, they stalk their family, friends, partners, and exes and create fake profiles.

• Turn and smell

Both men and women are used to turn and smell their armpits. However, this is visible to people who are looking at you. If you do this, try to find a more private place.