Lately, people have started to practice various detoxification methods and techniques, from skin cleansing to body detoxification. However, one of the most popular detox methods is the colon cleansing which has become commonly used due to its ability to remove excess feces from the colon and encourage the process of weight loss.

Even ancient Greeks used this method to eliminate undigested food and excess mucus from the gut. Today, this method is also used for alleviating symptoms like headaches, fatigue, weight gain and lack of energy which appear due to an accumulation of toxins in the bloodstream as a result of the fecal impaction in the intestines.

These signs imply that you might be dealing with this health issue:

• Problems with your skin, hair and nails
• Pre-diabetic or diabetic condition
• Regular constipation
• Cystitis
• Vision and hearing issues
• Arthritis
• Kidney or liver diseases
• Metabolic disorders
• Excessive or insufficient weight gain
• Certain types of cancer
• Gastritis
• Respiratory tract infections

Here are some of the most important advantages of this cleansing technique:

1. It slows down the aging process

This is one of the most important advantages of colon cleansing. Namely, it helps the organism to get rid of the accumulated impurities. Therefore, it adds years to your life because it cleanses the liver, colon, kidneys and skin.

2. It helps you to fight diseases

The excess feces in your gut may lead to development of various ailments. If you let the accumulated toxins and impurities to stay in your body, you have higher chances of disease development in comparison to those who detoxify their bodies on a regular basis.

3. It fights off viruses and bacteria

Accumulated toxins impair the function of the immune system, thus decreasing its ability to provide protection against the harmful viruses and bacteria. So, when you detoxify your body you allow your immunity to gain the necessary strength to fight off the viral and bacterial infections.

4. It makes you less prone to ailments and diseases

The accumulation of feces may appear due to stress, poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle. This in turn makes you more susceptible to various ailments and diseases. In order to prevent their development you should practice colon cleansing on a regular basis.

5. It promotes weight loss

The average human colon can hold up large amount of food before the process of digestion occurs. Therefore, the colon cleansing technique can promote the weight loss. Some people have reported losing up to twenty pounds over the course of four weeks.

6. It improves fertility

A colon that has been weighed down for years applies pressure to the uterus and the ovaries, thus causing strain. Colon cleansing removes all toxins and chemicals that can affect the egg-cells or the sperm.

7. It prevents colon cancer

If the ingested toxins are not forced out of the colon as soon as possible, they will eventually wreak havoc on all systems in the body. By eliminating the body waste on a regular basis, you reduce your chances of developing colon cancer, cysts, polyps and other abnormal growths in the gastrointestinal tract.

8. It enhances the health of the nervous system

According to the experts, the nervous system is also affected by the gut. So, the method of colon cleansing improves the mental outlook and enhances the function of the nervous system. Moreover, you will feel more alert since it increases the concentration as well.

You can detoxify your organism by implementing the following natural ingredients in your daily diet:

1. Apple cider vinegar

This ingredient is abundant in minerals and vitamins which encourage the process of detoxification and promote better digestion and bowel movement. It is rich in potassium which helps the elimination of toxic poisons.

Additionally, apple cider vinegar acts as an organic antibiotic which gives a boost to the immune system, thus fighting off all bacteria and viruses.

Make sure you use pure organic ACV, since it is the best detoxifying agent.

2. Combination of vinegar and honey

We are going to present you a recipe of a powerful homemade natural remedy that can effectively cleanse your body.

However, before you start consuming it, you should remember that it cannot give you the desired effects if you don’t include the following dietary and lifestyle changes as well:

• Avoid unhealthy and unprocessed food
• Manage and reduce the stress levels
• Break the bad habits
• Avoid alcohol, tobacco, coffee and soft drinks
• Increase the level of your physical activity

Here is the recipe:

Boil 1/4 liter of water. Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of raw organic honey. Stir it well and drink this healthy beverage every morning on an empty stomach.

This homemade remedy will do wonders for your health. Here are some of its mighty benefits:

1. It increases the function of the digestive system and encourages feces removal from the body.
2. It cleanses the lymph nodes and breaks the excess mucus which in turn enhances the lymph circulation.
3. It makes the digestion much easier by stimulating the production of enzymes that encourage the absorption of nutrients.
4. It boosts the energy in the body and balances the metabolism.
5. It regulates the pH environment in the skin, thus acting as a natural deodorant and reducing body odors.