If you belong to the older population you are certainly one of those who studied Home Economics and Family and Consumer Sciences at school. These school subjects were supposed to teach you some basic daily life skills.

For instance, girls were taught how to cook, sew, and manage the family budget, while boys were taught how to fix things and use tools like hacksaws, drills, wood, and metal. In this way, girls were being prepared to become good wives while boys strong men.

Unfortunately, this type of education has been replaced by some modern education programs which do not include such courses. This is because the concept of a traditional family has dramatically altered over time and as a result, it has brought many changes, both positive and negative ones.

For example, many parents nowadays claim that their children lack the basic skills which are necessary to survive on their own as adults. School subjects like math, chemistry, languages or history are of utmost importance, but home financial matters are also equally important.

Understudies have the opportunity to select some individualized related courses, such as Health and Safety, Food and Nutrition or Family studies.

Although these courses are still present at some schools, their quality has been highly reduced. In 2012 only 3.5 million understudies have chosen to attend Family Consumer Science courses, which is almost 40% reduction within a period of 10 years.

The lack of this kind of education is evident in people’s habits. Some of them have no idea how to do their taxes out of ignorance. Others throw out their household items in landfills just because they do not know how to fix them. The average families today eat out more than they dine in because they either do not know how to cook or lack the motivation to do it.

According to Susan Turgeson, who is a President of the Association of Teacher Educators for Consumer and Family Sciences, subjects like, network planting, hydroponics things or treating the soil could be beneficial if incorporated in the school programs nowadays.

Some people find no sense in incorporating these subjects at schools, while others believe that it could contribute to a better society because it will make a huge difference in the lives of future generations.