If you want glowing and healthy skin, you definitely need to try dry brushing. It’s a simple detox technique which has incredible effects both on the skin and the whole body.

You already know that detoxifying processes in the organism are crucial for our health and they are performed by some important organs such as kidneys, liver, lymph, gut, lungs and skin.

In order to boost their function we should consume certain foods and drinks that have stimulating effects on their work and remove the unhealthy ones.

However, when it comes to the skin, the best way to eliminate the accumulated toxins and dead cells is by dry brushing. It is extremely beneficial technique since it provides a massage for the whole body and the internal organs, thus enhancing their function.

First of all, you should always opt for a brush made of natural fibers. Forget about synthetic materials or plastic, since they may harm your skin.

The perfect dry brush should have strong bristles, but not too strong to scratch your skin. Second, you have to practice this technique before showering and always brush your body towards the heart, because this is the right movement of the blood.

In the text below you can find out about the powerful effects of dry brushing:

1. Removes dead cells

Our skin loses more than a million skin cells each day. If they are not properly removed they can cause various skin problems, such as dandruff, eczema and psoriasis and clog the pores. Brushing the skin will remove these cells, clear the clogged pores and allow the skin to breathe.

2. Stimulates the lymphatic drainage

If the function of your lymphatic system is obstructed then your immunity will suffer, making you more prone to infectious diseases. Moreover, all detoxification processes occur through the lymph, so taking this into consideration you should definitely implement dry brushing in your daily routine.

It will stimulate the network of the vessels that transport metabolic waste. The lymph system doesn’t have a pump, so it requires movement for proper circulation.

3. Boosts the blood flow

As well as the lymph flow, the massage is great for the blood flow too. Namely, it helps and speeds up the healing processes and carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the whole body. Moreover, it encourages the waste removal.

By improving the circulation your veins are less likely to become varicose.

4. Remove and prevent cellulite

The buildup of toxins in the skin results in cellulite, causing the unwanted dimple effect. By dry brushing you will eliminate these toxins and tighten your skin.

5. Exfoliation

Dry brushing unclogs the pores from the oil and dirt, making your skin silky smooth. It also has stimulating effects on the endocrine glands, which produce more hormones that make our skin softer.

6. Increases the body energy

Apart from cleansing the whole organism, this technique will also increase your energy due to the improved circulation. It is a natural energy boost that has similar effects like an intense workout.

7. Encourages digestion

By unclogging the pores, dry brushing helps the skin to absorb the needed nutrients and eliminate the toxins, which has positive effect on the digestion processes as well.

Tips on how to brush your skin:

Brush your skin in the mornings and make sure your skin is dry, because it is not really enjoyable brushing it after a sweaty workout. Always brush in upward direction, towards the center of the body and in circular motions. Start from the feet or hands and move toward the chest.

If you are brushing your skin in the opposite direction, you will put extra pressure on the lymph vessels and veins, causing their rupture.

While brushing, make sure you avoid open wounds, scratches and skin irritation, because it may be very unpleasant.
Apply light pressure on those areas where the skin is thinner and a bit harder pressure on your feet, but be careful not to brush too hard.

Don’t brush your face unless you have a special facial brush with softer bristles. After brushing the skin, shower with warm or hot water to bring more blood to the outer layers of the skin. Finally, massage your body with pure plant oil. Practice this technique before each showering, or 3-4 times in a week.