If you want to know the difference between healthy lungs and smokers’ lungs, you should watch the video below. You can clearly see black-smokers’ lungs which have failed to fulfill their function due to a lung cancer.

The video is uploaded by a North-Caroline nurse and it went viral in no time.

Cancer-ridden smokers’ lungs suffer many structural changes (in shape and color) but also numerous function-related changes, such as poor lung capacity and diminished elasticity which limit the expiratory volume.

Thankfully, according to the experts, the benefits of quitting smoking can be seen after only two weeks and they result in higher expiratory volume and better lung capacity.

Smoking is responsible for 87% of all cancer deaths around the world. Male smokers have higher chances of developing lung cancer in comparison to non-smokers. Smoking also increases the risk of developing 15 deadly cancer types.

However, cancer is not the only smoking-related disease which is responsible for the increasing number of deaths all around the world. The risk also comes from some vascular diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which leads to developing emphysema and chronic bronchitis which restrict breathing and may have lethal consequences.

Here are some other health consequences of smoking cigarettes:

  • Smoking destroys the vision and eye health
  • It causes numerous sexuality-related issues, such as erectile dysfunction
  • It causes life-threatening complications in reproductive health in women, such as higher risk of ectopic pregnancy
  • Smokers have higher chances of losing bone density
  • Apart from causing lung cancer, smoking can also lead to developing colorectal cancer
  • Smokers are more prone to inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis

We hope that this video will serve as a reminder for all smokers who should quit this harmful habit.

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