We have all at some point woken up in the morning with a stuffed nose, especially during allergy season. Congested sinuses are not fun. Not at all. They cause headaches, they make it difficult to breathe and make the hearing more difficult (because it is harder to equalize the pressure).

Of course, this is not a method that treats the causes, but it can help in critical situations. It would be good to include spicy foods in the diet, because they also work against the congested sinuses and nasal cavities. In addition, you can hold sea salt on your forehead, heated to 40 degrees and wrapped in a handkerchief.

But, before you try to solve this issue using medications, you need to know that you can alleviate the stuffy nose, stuffy head or stuffy ears, by applying pressure on one pressure point. So today we will show you this amazing method for clearing your sinuses.

1. Applying pressure on the eyebrows

To clear your nose and upper sinuses, you need to boost the movement of the “congested” fluid by applying pressure across your eyebrows. Put your fingers at the start of the eyebrows, and lean slightly forward so that your head is resting on your elbows.

After 10 seconds, do a sliding movement with your fingers towards the middle of your eyebrows. Hold this position for a while and move your fingers towards the ends, and apply a steady pressure or just move your fingertips in circling movements to stimulate the flow of fluid move away from your forehead. In a while, you will feel that the pressure in the center of your head will dissolve.

2. Mini massage

You can also pull the fluids from your head with the help of a few mini massages. Still, if this feels uncomfortable, just cross your hands to make a V-shape, and using the same pulsing motion on both sides of your neck, release the fluid.

Doing fingertip pulses together with this method, will cause suction in your lymphatic system, which will vacuums the fluid downwards and eliminate the lymph from your head.

3. Tongue pressure combined with eyebrow pressure

By applying pressure on specific points on your body, you can promote fluid flow and thus clear your sinuses. The first thing you should do is push your tongue flat against the roof of your mouth, but at the same time, you should push a finger on the skin between your eyebrows.

Stay in this position for about 20 seconds, and you will soon feel relief, the fluid buildup will gradually soften, and your sinuses will begin to clear.

Furthermore, you can also try the following technique: switch between pressing the tongue against the roof of your mouth and pressing the point located between the eyebrows which is actually known as the Yintang accupoint.

These three methods can actually draw the fluid from the blockage, and this way they can eliminate the congestion in your sinuses, and treat all accompanying symptoms.