According to Dr. Hardin Jones, an ex professor at the University of California, stated that cancer does not kill people, but chemotherapy does. Hardin explained that people who are treated with chemotherapy live 12 months shorter than people who are not.

He added that doctors prescribe chemotherapy just for profit, because it costs about $1 million. According to the statistics, 1 man out of 2 and 1 woman out of 3 have cancer. If the treatment of cancer is bad, the symptoms also get worse. Dr. Hardin explains that in more than 95 % of the cases, where patients are diagnosed with cancer, chemotherapy treatment does not kill the malignant cells and does not save the patient’s life. In addition, the percent of traditional cancer treatment does not only fall, but it is also guaranteed that makes cancer patients sicker.

For over 25 years, Dr. Hardman had investigated the life expectancy of patients with cancer. He found out that the chemotherapy treatment is not beneficial at all. It is contrary, the chemotherapy has side effects. The studies, which Dr. Hardman carried out, have shown that chemotherapies are fraud. In fact, the cancer industry is worth more than billion dollars. Without taking these findings into consideration, doctors from all over the world still prescribe chemotherapy cancer treatments. In fact, these treatments make the cancer patients live shorter.

Chemotherapy is toxic for the human body as it does not distinguish between the malignant and healthy cells. It is not selective – it does not only kill malignant cells, but only the living and healthy ones, which lead to weak the immune system. Chemotherapy kills mostly the fast-growing cancer cells, but not all of them are fast-growing.

Cancer stem cells, or CSCs, are slow-growing cancer cells, which are resistant to chemotherapy and do not die. What is worse, the chemotherapy makes these cancer stem cells much stronger, because the number of malignant cells to benign cells spread very quickly. These stem cells thrive anywhere and generate tumors resistant to treatment.

According to the statistics, people who take chemotherapy treatments die 3 years after the chemotherapy. However, unfortunately, there are some cancer patients who die several weeks after the treatment. Dr. Hardman thinks that doctors prescribe chemotherapy only for profit, as one chemotherapy treatment costs at least $300 thousand.

According to the statistics, patients with breast cancer, who deny taking chemotherapy, live four times longer than people who decide to take the harmful treatments. What is worse is the fact that powerful natural remedies that can help 10 out of thousand cancer patients to get better and fight cancer without chemotherapy or surgery. However, the media does not share this information with the public. They promote the thought that radiation and chemotherapy are the best ways to kill cancer.

In 2014, a data was collected from 10.000 men, who had lung cancer, and 23.000 women with breast cancer, who received chemotherapy. At the beginning of the treatment, 1.383 cancer patients died in 30 days. This study suggests that chemotherapy treatments is not an ideal practice for treating cancer, particularly when there are other alternatives, like medical cannabis that help people. Many symptoms of cancer, like fatigue, pain, or other discomforts can be soothed with cannabis. In addition, all potent natural medicines, like cannabis oil, are illegal or strictly regulated in many fields even though the CBD-rich oil from marihuana is listed as a remedy on the web page of National Cancer Institute in the USA.

More money in the heath care services are invested in the USA then in any other parts of the world. Nevertheless, people should be aware that more money needs to be invested in the prevention of cancer. Since the cancer treatments cost a lot, the life expectancy gets shorter and shorter. In addition, people forget that their health depends on their healthy and balanced diet, workouts, positive beliefs, and environments with less stress. These are considered to improve the longevity and happiness. People also forget that there are other natural cancer treatments. For example, cancer oil treatment is much more effective in the treatments of cancer than the chemotherapy.

Statistics show that:

• Last year, over one and a half million people in the United States were diagnosed with cancer. Over 500.000 of them will die of cancer.

• Skin melanoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, bladder cancer, thyroid cancer, rectum cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer, renal cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, bronchus cancer, lung cancer, endometrial cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer are among the most frequent types of cancer today.

• There are new cases of cancer every year. Actually, 454.8 of 100.000 people are diagnosed with cancer yearly.

• Over 170 cases of 100.000 people dies from cancer yearly. The mortality of cancer is higher among men than in women, or 200 of 100.000 men and 145 of 100.000 women.

• The mortality if cancer is highest among the American men, or 261 of 100.000 men. However, its mortality is lowest in Asian and Pacific Islander women, or 92 of 100.000 women.

• Until 2014, 14.5 million people were diagnosed with cancer. By 2024, this number is supposed to rocket up to 19 million people. Actually, about 40 % of the population will be diagnosed with cancer.

• The 2014-statistics shows that about 16.000 children and teenagers at the age of 0 – 19 years were diagnosed with cancer. Almost 2.000 died of cancer.

• By 2010, the expenses for cancer treatment in the USA were $ 125 billion. In the next ten years, it is predicted that the expenses will rise to 150 billion dollars. However, you should take into consideration that these statistics are only for the United States, not for the whole world.

Exposing the fraud if these harmful treatments just serve as examples of how cruel and unreal the cancer industry is. However, luckily, more and more patients are becoming aware of their lies and are looking for other more natural and safer cancer treatments and therapies. Always look for second or third opinion in order to be able to make a difference between the available remedies and protocols.