Dopamine indicates people’s health and mental state. Humans’ pleasure, emotions and body movements are regulated by a neurotransmitter. Moreover, the neurotransmitter helps people to aim toward their goals.

Dopamine level affects people’s perception, so if the dopamine level is positive, they feel well. However, the reduced dopamine level can cause sadness, depression, stress or other negative effects.

In this article, we are going to present you 10 easy and natural ways to increase your dopamine level, without using any medications:

1. Avoid becoming addicted

When it comes to addiction, we can mention drug addiction, alcohol addition, food, addiction, sex, shopping or gambling addiction, or even other types of addiction. All these are related only to pleasure. However, this temporary pleasure does not help people to solve their everyday problems. In addition, addiction may sooth pain, but it cannot provide long-term effects. By addiction, people only look for fulfillment.

If you want to avoid addiction, you should try to achieve your goals in life. Moreover, everyday activities or routines, like taking up a hobby, help people to stay positive. People should try to love their job, to do regular exercises, to go for a walk, to take up a new hobby, to read a book, or to have a pet. Abuse and bad experiences lead to addiction.

People should try to forget their negative and frightening experiences and to go on. Moreover, they should not feel ashamed, shy or embarrassed to consult a life coach, a therapist or counselor for advice.

2. Take down your tasks

Do you know why you feel satisfied when you achieve a goal or do a task successfully? The reason for this is the increase of the dopamine level. Furthermore, the dopamine level increases more when people check their achievement physically rather than mentally.

Based on the Principles of Self-Management, if a task indicates a 25 % or bigger change in the life, people may feel exhausted and overwhelmed, so that they may easily give up. However, if the task indicates 10 % change, people will not try to achieve it, because it seems tiny and meaningless.

In order to achieve balance, people should try to take up tasks, which include 10 % to 25 % change in life, since these tasks are more probable to be accomplished. It seems an easy guide, even though people should look for a challenging, but not difficult task. Complex tasks should be broken down into smaller ones. Write down a list and check the goals that you have already achieved. It will help you to increase the dopamine level.

3. Be creative

Try to be creative. Do dancing, playing, painting, sculpturing, drawing, photography, baking or ballet classes, or other activities which will stimulate your creativity. Other activities that may inspire you to be creative are designing, redecorating the home, repairing the car, or even planning a journey.

4. Do regular exercises

Doing regular exercises increases the dopamine level and soothes stress, just like serotonins and endorphins.
Take up some exercises that relieve you, but be careful not to overdo it. You should consider doing exercises like a part of a healthy life, not like a way to increase self-confidence. A beneficial form of exercises is the training, as it will help you do your everyday activities more easily. You will become healthier and stronger, as well as more energetic.

5. Get a streak going

To get a steak going means to make a list of goals that you want to achieve and to try to accomplish all of them. It will help you to increase dopamine level and to feel more satisfied.

Define your goals – it can be a new hobby, a new routine, diet change, or some activity with the people you love. Check all the goals that you have achieved so far. Take up doing yoga or going for a walk each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Keep a record of it every morning.

Go out with your partner every weekend. Try out a new recipe every Friday. Check you achievements and get a streak going. Even though you should celebrate your achievements, you may experience some side effects. It may become a permanent activity to check your accomplishments that you may forget to celebrate. Put your routines aside, and make thing look more complex.

Try new recipes instead the old ones, take up different classes of yoga, find out new recipes and read new books, try new things with your partner rather than going out. To get a steak may affect your life negatively, if you take it seriously. Just imagine that you are sick and you have to skip going out with your partner on Monday. Or you miss going out for a walk, just because the alarm did not go off.

6. Increase Tyrosine level

The main energy source of dopamine is tyrosine. The tyrosine is one of the 22 amino acids, which built up proteins in the human body. The tyrosine as well as the norepinephrine increase dopamine level. It is very important for people to take sufficient amount of proteins.

A great number of foods, especially plants, such as: bananas, watermelon, almonds, avocado, green tea, dark chocolate increase the level of tyrosine in the body. In addition, food represents a medicine, which leads to happiness.

7. Listen to music

You will get relaxed if you listen to music, which in turn will increase the dopamine level. However, listening to music provides only short-term effects; it does not involve a long-lasting fulfillment in life (except if you are a DJ, singer, musician, or a music producer).

Nowadays, popular music is intended to produce mental dependency, just as addiction. However, being music addiction is much safer than drug or fast food addiction, alcohol or shopping addiction, even though it is unhealthy routine.

You should be aware that music is a tiny part of the human life or an inspiration. You should be careful to take up other routines, which will increase your dopamine level. Try to find out routines or everyday activities that will fulfill your life and you will feel satisfied.

8. Take up Meditation

You may feel exhausted and overwhelmed if you have a busy and stressful lifestyle. There is a great number of alternatives that you may choose from and there are numerous unintended impulses of wants and needs. These alternatives may cause people to feel overwhelmed, so that they will not be able to take a healthy apple or to tick a box of granola. The human brain is thinking both about the past and the future. Increased thinking may become a strain that people will not be able to prevent.

You can learn to live in the present through meditation. It increases the dopamine level even though it is quite different from the cardiovascular exercises. It helps people to calm down, to relax, to be more energetic and ready to gain fulfillment in their life. If people do meditation on a regular basis, they will be able to learn to live in the present and to forget the frightening experiences from the past.

9. Take natural supplements

There are numerous ways to increase the dopamine level. If you have been experiencing depression or sadness, lack of energy or motivation or if you have been felling sick, you can deal with it.

Here is a list of some supplement, which will help you increase your dopamine level:

• Acetyl – l – tyrosine: it represents a built up of dopamine and a sufficient dose will increase the production of dopamine significantly.

• Ginkgo Biloba: It is a well-known natural supplement, which is considered to increase and maintain the dopamine level for a long time.

• L-Theanine: It increases neurotransmitters, like the dopamine in the human brain. A great source of L-Theanine is the green tea.

• Curcumin: It represents a component of turmeric, which has not only anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal properties, nut it also increases dopamine level in the brain.

It is very beneficial to take some natural supplements even though you should know that they cannot replace dopamine. The human life is much complex, it does not only consist of taking a medication.

10. Toxin Cleansing

People feel bad if the body is full of bacteria and toxic chemicals. In addition, the human body becomes acidic; the immune system becomes weak, which represents an adequate environment for the development of diseases that in turn leads to decreased dopamine level.

Namely, if the body consumes junk food, it also becomes junk. People should be more careful about what they consume. They should avoid taking in more toxins in the body, because there are enough. People should try to avoid consume fast and processed food, and consume healthy and organic food, particularly plants.

Organic fruits and vegetables are very beneficial for the body. The consumption of green smoothies and juices increases the intake of healthy nutrients in the body. For better results, you can also add green Juice powders in the smoothies or juices.

The gut should be maintained healthy. You should eat fermented food; take probiotics, which will regulate the healthy bacteria balance in the body. A healthy body and a healthy mind depend on a healthy gut. You can also take the Biotic Balance Probiotics, which contains more than 5 billion healthy bacteria.

Last, but not the least, you should sleep enough. If you get enough sleep, you body and mind will relax and recover. Except sleeping, you should also take a rest, nap, laugh, and achieve all your everyday activities that help you stay positive and happy.

You should avoid using turmeric spice as a supplement. A great number of spices are loaded with GMO corn, carcinogens, sawdust and dyes.