These two mighty ingredients have been used for centuries by the ancient folks for treating vast number of diseases. Nowadays some people are familiar with their effectiveness and use them in order to prevent or treat different health issues.

The curable effects of castor oil have been used for alleviating lower back pain, removing dark spots from the skin, healing ankle and wrists injuries and it is even recommended by the Holistic medicine for treating some drug-resistant diseases.

The application of this oil is limitless and versatile and it aids countless number of health conditions. For instance:

• It reduces hearing loss
• Heals bruises and wounds
• Alleviates ocular allergies and treats cataracts
• Speeds up the healing of hepatitis
• Boosts hair growth
• Eradicates tinnitus
• Removes warts
• Relieves itching and swelling caused by bug bites
• Removes the deposits of calcium on the soles
• It helps overcoming the alcohol and nicotine addiction.
• Cures pilonidal cysts
• Aids in the treatment of sprained ankles
• Prevents stretch marks on the belly if used topically during the pregnancy

Baking soda on the other hand has wide range of uses and apart from being used in cleaning and cooking, it has numerous health benefits too.

Large number of studies has confirmed the powerful effects of these two ingredients, especially if they are combined together.

Mix castor oil and baking soda to make a perfect coating (used as a compress) which is a very popular remedy for stimulating the blood circulation.

To prepare this compress you need a hot water bottle, cold castor oil, clean gauze, plastic wrap and a towel.

First, clean the affected place with baking soda, soak the gauze into the castor oil and apply it on the skin area. Then cover it with the plastic foil. Warm up the critical place with the hot water bottle and wrap it with a towel. Let it act for at least 60 minutes and find a comfortable position to rest. Afterwards, clean the area with baking soda again and make sure you do this treatment for about 40 days.

Other benefits of using the mixture of baking soda and castor oil:

• It removes the dark spots on your skin
• It can treat melanoma (skin cancer) and improve the health condition in the terminal stage of cancer
• The coating can be also used for snoring
• If you suffer from diarrhea, feet fungi, stomach hyperactivity and chronic hoarseness make use of this mixture to reduce the discomfort and pain.