Most people don’t know that their households are filled up with a great deal of carcinogenic products. Although they may seem harmless, they are actually abundant in toxic chemicals which can gradually affect your health.

The high exposure to plastic, rubber, perfumes, dyes and shampoos, increases your chances of developing cancerous disease later in your life.

In addition, these products contain methylene chloride, formaldehyde and nitrobenzene (extremely toxic substances) which can be detrimental to your health.

Take a look at the most commonly used items and make sure you remove them from your household in order to protect yourself from the cancer-related diseases:

• Candles

Most candles, especially scented ones contain lead wires, which are used to make the wicks firmer. These candles release 5 times the amount of lead that is considered dangerous for children. The exposure to this chemical can cause behavioral problems, hormone disruption, learning disabilities and even stomach cancer.

• Antiperspirants

All kinds of antiperspirants and deodorants are cancer-causing because they contain aluminum. What’s more, this chemical is being absorbed through the skin, thus forming deposits in the breast tissue which can later result in breast cancer.

• Art supplies

Some art supplies such as permanent markers, solvents, acrylic paints and rubber cement glues are composed of toxic ingredients associated with cancer, organ damage and allergies. Children are more vulnerable to these harmful ingredients due to their underdeveloped immune system. So, next time make sure you purchase only non-toxic art supplies.

• Air fresheners

Most air fresheners have phthalate esters, VOCs, formaldehyde and napthelene, which are known for their detrimental and carcinogenic effects. They can trigger asthma and breast cancer and affect the reproductive system as well. So, to protect yourself, always opt for natural fragrances or herbal essential oils.

• Plastic curtains

Plastic shower curtains release VOCs, especially if they are exposed to heat. If your body absorbs these volatile organic compounds, you may develop cancer or problems with your respiratory, nervous and reproductive system. Replace the plastic curtain in your bath with a glass door as soon as possible.

• Dry cleaning

Don’t choose clothes that need perchlorethylene for cleaning and always opt for wet-cleaning or dry cleaners that use citrus juice cleaners or liquid C02.

• Shampoos

It hasn’t been proven yet whether the conventional shampoos can cause cancer but it is known that they do contain some harmful ingredients. Therefore, it is recommendable to use natural or homemade shampoos.