The incredible tropical flower Buganvilia , also known as Santa Rita, Trinitaria and Veranera which people usually use to decorate their gardens can actually save your life. Buganvilla grows on any type of soil, adapts to various climate and can reach up to 12 meters in height. The flowers have bright and striking colors, which makes them a great decorative plants.

However, people from South America exploit the benefits of bougainville, which demonstrates that it has really powerful effects on your organism.

It has many therapeutic usages described in various studies.The reason for the medicinal properties of the flower is the presence of certain alkaloids that have beneficial effects on our organism.


– Antitussive: Alleviates dry coughs due to its powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds.

– Antipyretic (eases fevers): These effects can be felt instantly.

– Expectorant: Eliminates the mucus from the respiratory tract (bronchi, larynx, pharynx).

– Improves the condition of the respiratory system: Buganvilla contributes for an optimal functioning of the lungs and the ability to provide the body with oxygen.

– It balances the digestive system: For these purpose, people use the leaves and roots of the plant, instead of its flowers. Buganvilla roots have laxative effect, while its leaves can cause constipation. So depending on the condition you are suffering from, you can choose to use one of the options. Also bungavilla plant can reduce the stomach acidity.

– Improves the skin condition: This plant is known for its amazing antiseptic properties, particularly for the skin,thus it helps in the fight against acne, desquamation and various infections.

If your face is prone to acne or have bacteria-ridden and peeling skin, you can use the antiseptic effects of this plant and eliminate the bacteria that results in rashes. Additionally, buganvilla helps control the skin toxicity by doing deep cleansing.

– Speeds up the process of healing: If you want to accelerate healing, just soak your wound in a cold bougainvillea flower infusion – the results will amaze you.

– Detox : If you want to detoxify your body and flush away the toxic material, you can do this with bugambilia, since it cleanses up inside which improves the overall function of the liver and intestines.

– It was also shown that the leaves of some types of the bougainvillea plant can help with diabetes, blood pressure and even with balance of HDL and LDL.


Cut the flowers directly from their plant and then wash them in cold water in order to remove all impurities. Boil a pan with water and once it starts to boil, add the flowers. Remove the pan from heat when you notice that the water gets the color from the flowers you used.

Let the flowers stay in the water a couple of minutes more and strain the mixture. For even better results, you can add a teaspoon of honey in the mixture. Consume the mixture while it’s still hot.

WARNING: Some studies suggest that excessive use of bougainvillea may cause the development of infertility issues.