The neurologist Sandrine Thuret says that regardless of the person’s age, brain cells can be grown. She gives practical advice regarding the way people can aid their brains in advancing neurogenesis thus improving their mood, increasing their memory and preventing the generally accepted decline which is always associated with aging.

Many people are not familiar with scientific literature, particularly neurology and as a result the headline of this article might seem too absurd or maybe false for them. However, this is completely not true because every adult person has the ability to grow brain cells known as neurons regardless of their age.

For years, it was believed that with aging the brain becomes “fixed”, the brain neurons no longer exist and they would not re-grow. However, today it has been proven that this is completely untrue.

In order to explain this we will first look at the development. The human brain consists of several different regions which as concluded by neurogenesis are involved in the creation of new cells.

This process of creating new brain cells is more active in people’s prenatal development. However, the brain also has two parts called hippocampus and sub-ventricular area which remain active during adulthood.

Unfortunately, even though these regions present neurogenesis as confirmed with other research, science has not expressed these developments yet.

Surgeries are no longer needed to achieve this. There are methods which everyone can use to upgrade their cognitive potential. Here are some of them:

• Exercise: Doing exercise is very significant due to the physical, emotional and mental benefits it provides to the body. It has great effect on the brain cells i.e. neurons because of its direct link with neurogenesis. For example, if you walk for 45 minutes every day, you may contribute in the re-growth of the hypo-field tissue.

• Diet: Food can promote brain growth but not any kind of food it has to be proper nutrition. Tumeric, a plant of the ginger family, has direct impact on neurogenesis. It increases the BDNF i.e. the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor which is needed for different neurological functions.

• Fasting: This is the best way to detoxify your brain i.e. to clean the cells. Fasting is very beneficial because of its caloric restriction feature and because it improves the neuronal and cellular combustion.

• Omega-3: Even though all forms of omega-3 have positive effects, DHA or docosahexaenoic acid is preferable for re-growing of brain cells.

• Blueberries: The flavonoids which this fruit contains are good for increasing neurogenesis. They are also good for improving cognition and mood apart from the good antioxidant effect they have on your body.

• Green tea: The ingredients contained in this tea also influence the growth of new brain cells. It has been concluded that the number of 5-bromo-2’-deoxyuridine in the hippocampus went up in adult neurons. All you need is just a few cups of this tea to feel the effect.

There are still ongoing studies about the control one can have on adult brain growth as well as their increased intelligence. Therefore, it should be noted that there are other elements which need to be considered such as other human body processes, activities and stresses which appear in the brain because many scientists agree that sometimes too much can be as bad as too little.