The Blue Java is also known as an ice cream banana which has been grown in Hawaii since the 1920s. Its taste and consistency are quite similar to vanilla ice cream. It is very sweet and its peel is aqua blue when unripe.

When ripe, Blue Java is pale yellow or greenish. It is a hardy banana cultivar that produces sweet and plump bananas which are quite shorter than the Cavendish bananas.

These bananas are low in fat but abundant in minerals like potassium, copper, manganese, and magnesium. They also have antioxidant properties which strengthen the immunity and support the heart function.

Blue Java is rich in fiber and vitamins, such as vitamin C and B6. It helps the body to control the blood sugar levels because its glycemic index is very low. The high level of vitamins helps the body to synthesize its own serotonin which is an extremely important chemical responsible for elevating the mood.

This fruit is recommendable for those who suffer from constipation because it helps in the treatment of this condition.

Namely, Blue Java is abundant in alpha-glucans, cellulose, and hemicelluloses which improve the bowel motility and prevent constipation.

Its leaves are thick and wide and they can be used instead of parchment paper and aluminum foil for cooking, baking, steaming, and boiling.

If you decide to grow this plant here, beware of the following facts:

• It requires a lot of watering, while the soil should be warm and rich.

• To nurture this plant, make sure you use NPK fertilizer in the ratio of 3:1:6 which should be sprayed all around the plant roots.

• Trim the secondary shoots around each rhizome. In order to improve photosynthesis, make sure you leave at least one shoot around the plant.

• Provide this plant enough sunlight because it is crucial for the process of germination.