Even if a woman has a regular skin check, pop smear, and breast examination, they may not be aware that they can be at risk of contracting a bladder cancer. This is due to the fact that men are more prone to this condition compared to the women.

In addition, majority of the cases involved men over the age of 65. However, according to the latest numbers, at least 18,000 women are being diagnosed with bladder cancer in the US every year. Since women are commonly neglecting the early signs of bladder cancer, most of them are being diagnosed with an advanced stage bladder cancer.

Symptoms and Signs of Bladder Cancer

Here are some of the early warning signs that you should not ignore. Be sure to consult your doctor in case you noticed these symptoms.

Blood in the Urine

This is the early warning sign of bladder cancer which women generally neglect. This is virtually painless and the occurrence can suddenly disappear and will resurface after weeks (sometimes even months). Women tend to ignore this sign since they associate this with menopause or menstruation. Traces of blood in our urine do not necessarily mean that you have bladder cancer, but it is always recommended to consult your doctor about it.

Symptoms Similar With UTI

The symptoms of bladder cancer are also similar with UTI. You may experience urinary incontinence, burning pain while urinating, sudden urge to urinate and difficulty in urinating. In case you noticed these UTI-like symptoms but taking antibiotics is not improving your condition, it is time for you to talk to your family doctor.

Inexplicable Pain
In most cases, the pain that you are feeling can be related with a more advanced type of bladder cancer. You may feel that inexplicable pain in your pelvis, abdomen or your flank area. There are also instances that the patients are experiencing pain in their bone especially if the cancer cells have spread on the bones. In case you are feeling a pain on the area we mentioned above, tell your doctor about it.

Loss of Appetite

A sudden decrease in appetite is the usual symptoms of cancer. In the event that the cancer cell has increase in size or if they already spread in other organs of the body, you will feel an extreme fatigue. There are different things that can affect your appetite, but if your lack of appetite persists, consult your doctor about this problem.

There are different ways to prevent bladder cancer. According to the statistics, at least 50% of women who were diagnosed with this disease are smokers. You should also stay away from the smokers. In case your job expose you to chemicals, wear some protective clothes and face mask. You should also choose healthier sustenance to reduce the toxic chemicals in your body. Increasing your water intake is also recommended. This will allow you to filter and eliminate waste products regularly. Finally, you should also increase your supply of vegetables and fruits. Foods that are high source of fiber contain antioxidant and keep our digestive system healthy.