Numerous vegetables are beneficial for the overall health and are used to protect the body from various chronic diseases.

To be healthy, we should eat lot of fruits and vegetables, even though some vegetables have additional health benefits. As chronic diseases have become to spread rapidly, it is very important to protect the body from numerous diseases. Therefore, the easiest way to protect the body from illnesses is to include this vegetable in your diet.

As chronic diseases, like diabetes, heart strokes, heart diseases and cancer, can be prevented to some degrees, we should take care of our health as we can.

The main cause for chronic diseases is the poor diet. However, there is a vegetable that fights against any illness. We are speaking about beetroot. It is to best vegetable to prevent numerous chronic diseases.


Beetroots are known as blood turnips. They contain low amount of fat and sodium, but they are rich in folate, which enhances emotional and mental health. In addition, beetroots are loaded with magnesium, potassium, cooper, manganese, iron and other health nutrients.

Beet leaves contain proteins, fiber, vitamin K, and calcium. Calcium enhances bone health, whereas vitamin K prevents blood clotting. If you consume beetroot on a regular basis, you can improve your eye health, cleanse the colon, burn fat in the liver and fight against cancer.

Beet juice can be healthy, too. To feel the powerful properties of beetroot juice, prepare this recipe and consume it on a daily basis.


You will need these ingredients:

• 4 oranges (organic)
• 2 carrots (organic)
• An organic beetroot

Preparation method:

Add all the ingredients in a blender and mix them. Serve it immediately.


Here are some health benefits of beetroots:

• Blood pressure and heart health

A 2008-study, published in Hypertension, has shown that consuming 500 ml. of beetroot juice lowers blood pressure. Due to the great nitrate levels in beetroots, they are effective way to treat and prevent cardiovascular issues and high blood pressure.

• Dementia

According to the researchers, consuming beetroot juice improves oxygenation to the brain, thus preventing dementia in elderly people. As we get older, blood flow to some parts of the brain lowers and causes cognition decrease and even dementia.

• Diabetes

Beetroots have alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant that lowers levels of glucose, prevents oxidative stress-related changes, and increases sensitivity to insulin in diabetics. This antioxidant also decreases the signs of autonomic neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy in people with diabetes.

• Digestion and regularity

Beetroots are rich in fiber, which prevent constipation and enhance regularity in the digestive tract.

• Inflammation

Beetroot contains choline, a nutrients that helps with learning, sleep, memory and muscle movement. The structure of cellular membranes is also maintained by choline. In addition, it soothes inflammation, helps the transmission of nerve impulses and enhances absorption of fat.

• Athletic performance and exercise

Beetroot juice supports muscle oxygenation during exercise, which means that the increased intake of dietary nitrate is able to improve exercise resistance during long endurance exercises.

• Cancer

Due to its content of betain, beetroot extract prevents prostate and breast cancer. In addition, a study has shown that beetroot consumption prevents skin and lung cancer. If it is used in combination with carrot juice, it helps in the prevention of leukemia. Beetroots contain chemo-preventive and anti-cancerous properties.

• Cholesterol levels

Beetroot extract is considered to lower bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol.

• Pregnancy

Due to the nitrate supplementation, beetroots are very beneficial for pregnant women. Beetroots are also loaded with folic acid, which pregnant women should include in their diet.

• Anemia

A lack of iron leads to anemia. Beetroots contain iron, which proved better absorption of iron than other vegetables. Folate found in beetroots is also thought to fight against anemia.

• Weight loss

Due to their sweetness, beetroots are ideal for weight loss. The diets rich in sugar lead to weight gain.

• Anti-aging properties

Beetroots contain carotenoids, vitamin A, and lutein, which are known to prevent free radical damage and fight against wrinkles. In addition, the phenolic content of beetroots has anti-aging properties.

Reference: Style Craze