The main cause of cancer is the acidity of the organism. On the other hand, every organism can change its acidic state into alkaline in a few weeks, and thus the cancer will have nothing to feed on and will simply disappear.

The alkaline state of the organism will completely stop the development of cancer. Our health body depends on the biological – physiological – chemical equilibrium that acts as a key regulatory mechanism for all body functions. If you disrupt these functions, they are considered as a change which “signals” that we are in a state of disease, which means there is a shift toward acid state.

The success all treatments is much greater if your body gets just a little help to get rid of the acidity, which includes change of lifestyle and consuming foods that provide us with the required alkalinity.

Why is it so hard to keep an alkaline environment?

The acidity and alkalinity balance in our body is very important for the health. No organ or individual cell in the body aren’t immune to the damage or complete destruction caused by increased acidity. But, our organism has the ability for self-regulation, which seeks to keep a constant pH of 7.4.

But, our lifestyle and bad diet increase the body acidity and in such cases, excessive acid builds up in some region, which is reflected with deposits in the connective tissue that consist of built-up salts.

These are signs of chronic damage and are cause of numerous health problems. Some studies show that high alkalinity in our blood prevents the occurrence, but also the further development of existing cancers.

Research shows that cancer can’t develop in alkaline environment, but in acid environment, so the pH should be as high as possible. 7.0 pH is a measure for neutral environment, and our body is slightly alkaline – 7.4 pH. The ratio for healthy people, in order to avoid diseases should be 75 percent, “alkaline food” and 25 percent “acid” food during the day.

Thus, it’s very important to get acquainted with the food and changing your diet will help your body establish acid – alkaline balance. If you are suffering from cancer, completely eliminate acidic foods because cancer feeds on acidity. If you deprive cancer of acidity, it will simply become impossible to grow and spread.

5 useful tricks to create alkaline diet and restore a normal pH balance

1. Firstly, it is really important to follow alkaline diet, including leafy greens, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, fruits, garlic, root veggies, onion, seeds, nuts, spices and herbs, beans, lentils, peas, chives and leek.

2. Next, eliminate all gluten-containing grains since they can also cause inflammation. Additionally, here is a list of foods that contain gluten that you should avoid if you have cancer: rye, wheat, whole grains, cakes, bread, pasta, cereals, crackers, muffins and cookies as well as other baked pastries. Substitute them with gluten-free grains like buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth.

3. Also, eat 60 to 120 grams of grass-fed and organic meat, poultry and fish a couple of times a week.

4. Also, eliminate all sugary foods from the diet because cancerous cells feed on sugar. Furthermore, sugar decreases the level of magnesium in your body and thus additionally supports the cancer growth. So, remove all forms of sugar from the diet, including agave and honey. Consider using unsweetened juices, figs, dried apricots and fresh pineapples.

5. Dairy products are also considered as the most cancer-promoting products because they are rich in the protein called casein. In addition, cancer patients are advised to avoid dairy products because they contribute to high production of acids, bone deterioration, excess inflammation, and promote growth of cancer.