A lot of parents will agree that parenthood is one of the most difficult roles in one’s life. There are many controversial topics suggesting what is right and what is wrong when raising your children.

According to the pediatricians, one of the best things a mum can do for their children is to sleep in bed with them until they reach the age of three.

Some studies have shown that co-sleeping may lead to sudden infant death but the newest evidence shows that actually other factors are the real cause of death. According to Dr. James McKenna PhD. from the University of Notre Dame, the higher the number of mums sleeping with their babies, the lowest the mortality rates.

Scientists also claim that other factors like dangerous toys, big pillows, toxic fumes, alcohol, and cigarettes are the main reason for infant death that may happen during sleep time.

Co-sleeping has numerous advantages both for mothers and babies. First of all, it improves the sleep time for mothers because there is no need for them to wake up and go to feed the baby. It also makes breastfeeding much easier and enables mums to monitor their babies when they are ill.

Babies usually suffer nighttime separation anxiety when they don’t sleep in bed with their mums. Therefore, when they share their mum’s bed this kind of anxiety is highly reduced.

The warm touch of the mother, her smell, and movement also contribute to developing confidence and sense of security. Babies’ future behavior depends on the bond and connection between them and their mums.

This is because sharing a bed with their mums can reduce the stress level and improve their immunity and cardiovascular health.