Our body is alkaline, but intake of certain products make it acidified. That causes stress in the body, especially in the digestive system, causing obesity and fatigue.

The PH-factor – acidity or alkalinity present in your body affects the whole organism. The balance of the pH-factor is an important step towards well-being and better health. Our body is alkaline but becomes acidified with the intake of certain products. That causes stress in the body, especially in the digestive system, which causes obesity and fatigue. Experts say alkaline diet ensures more energy, a flat stomach and shiny skin.

These are the 15 best alkaline foods:


Spinach is one of the healthiest foods from the group of leafy vegetables and has an alkaline nature. Rich in chlorophyll, which acts as an agent it brings the pH value of the organism to 7.4. Spinach is an excellent source of vitamins A, B2, C, E and K. It is also rich in minerals that act alkaline – manganese magnesium, iron, calcium, folic acid and potassium. Additionally, it is rich in dietary fiber, flavonoids and carotenoids.


Even though many people won’t believe that the lemon is alkaline, this is true. Lemon is rich in alkaline minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Citric acid is acidic in its natural state, but when it’s eaten, it is metabolized and has a remarkable alkaline effect on the body. Lemon is an excellent source of calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and B group vitamins, as well as pectin fibers and carbohydrates. Lemon is distinct from other alkaline foods because it has antibacterial and antiviral properties and strengthens the immune system.


It is rich in iron, riboflavin, B6, potassium, niacin, magnesium, thiamine, zinc, folic acid and manganese. It contains high-quality proteins. This alkaline food contains no gluten and is ideal for anyone who has intolerance to this wheat protein.

Swiss chard

Similar to the spinach, this type of alkali vegetable has a bitter and sweet taste, which can reduce your appetite and maintains healthy weight. It has been shown that the substances from blight stop the growth of cancerous cellsthe flavonoids in chard slow the breast cancer by inhibiting the DNA reproduction in the cell.


Buckwheat is considered as a fantastic substitute for wheat. It is very rich in fiber that is necessary for a normal balance of the body. It is excellent for the prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Also buckwheat is recommended for people who have frequent bruising and cracked capillaries. Buckwheat is most ideal in the morning, and an it’s an excellent choice for dinner.


The PH- value of melon is 8.5, making it a perfect base for our body. Watermelon also belongs to this group, because fibers and water are its main ingredients and as such it is a true cleaner of the bowels.

Olive oil

Olive oil and olives belong to a group of top-quality alkaline foods. Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, olive oil also contains vitamin E, which reduces the risk of damage and inflammation of cells.


They contain B vitamins, magnesium, manganese, helping to regulate blood sugar levels, problems with the digestive tract and keep your heart healthy. If you want to lose weight, add bananas in your diet every day.


They are rich in lignans, which prevent breast, uterine and prostate cancer and essential omega-3 fatty acids. It is ideal for a body cleansing program, a natural remedy, reduces cholesterol and regulates blood sugar. Flaxseed is an excellent choice for anyone with a sensory digestive system and for people suffering from stomach ulcers.


If you eat cauliflower during the day, you will consume 77 percent of the daily requirements of vitamin C. It is rich in vitamin K, thiamin, riboflamin, magnesium and manganese. So its powerful anti-inflammatory properties help with your heart health.


Avocados strengthen the heart. They control the cholesterol levels and help to absorb nutrients from fruits and vegetables. By consuming avocado, you will feel its beneficial effects on your body in a short time.


Grapes are rich in antioxidants and are known to protect against breast diseases, pancreas diseases and prostate cancer. It’s really useful for regulating the blood pressure.


Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, and have ingredients that help to improve the eyesight. They are full of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B8, vitamin C, vitamin K and iron. Carrots are also great against the free radicals.


Broccoli contains vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, fibers. It reduces the cholesterol levels and contains powerful antioxidants, thus keeping the heart healthy. Broccoli is also rich in iron, and they maintain good blood circulation.

Raspberries, blackberries, currants, blueberries

These fruits improve your memory, even when you grow old. They support the function of the digestive tract, reduce the risk of cancer, strengthen the blood and protect against many chronic diseases. They also help to prevent the early signs of aging, making your skin fresh.


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