Generally, people relate aging to a decreased quality of life and a lack of functionality. However, some people consider that age is just a number.

According to the health experts, as people get older, their brain functions increase. They are able to learn new things and to make the right decisions as long as they are not suffering from any disease.

While I was scrolling through my Facebook News feed, I found out that people die twice – at 22 and at 75. If a person can stop ‘dying twice’, he is the one who has really lived. Being positive and following a healthy diet is something that a few people can stick to. However, it is not impossible. Living healthy is one of the main indicators of self-love.

There are a lot of people who take care and responsibility for their health and live their life to the fullest. Take Dona Geralda Barbosa as an example. All her followers on Facebook and Instagram are amazed by her healthy fitness regime. At 63, Dona realized that she wanted to prolong aging and to live healthy, so she took up training.

In an interview, Dona stated that her motivation helped her to stand up and be independent. She was concerned with her old age and did not want anybody to have to carry her. She accepted her old age but refused that aging can prevent her from what she wanted to do.

While doing crunches, push-ups and squats, Dona became an inspiration even to the fittest people in the gym. She shared videos and pictures on Instagram to prove people that age is just a number. Dona became a fitness enthusiast at 63 that inspired both the young and old. Not only did she join the gym, but she also took rock climbing.

The number of followers on Instagram from all over the world has instantly raised and is still increasing. If you stay positive, enthusiastic and active, your body will follow you.