Watermelons are the juiciest, healthiest and most refreshing fruit that we can eat throughout the summer. They have also a characteristic taste.

Nevertheless, when we buy a watermelon, it might be difficult to choose one, as we carry it to home, where we usually find out that it is a dry and an unripe watermelon.

However, it is not a big problem, and in this article, we are going to give you some advice on how to select a juicy watermelon.

1. Take a look at the bum

When watermelons are carried off the wine, they do not ripe completely. So, in order to supply the markets with the sufficient amount of watermelons, the farmers often pick them early. When you buy a watermelon, you should look for a dark and a big patch on its bottom.

2. Color and shape

You should not buy watermelons with bumps and lumps, but you should look for uniform and oval ones. Its shape and color indicate whether it has ripened enough. However, if it is shiny, it means that it is unripe.

3. Color of the watermelon

You should always buy dark, green watermelons with bright patches, because the light ones are unripe.

4. Lift up several watermelons when buying them

Watermelons mainly consist of water. In case it is light when you lift it up, it means that it is dry. So, you should always choose the heaviest ones.

5. Do not buy watermelons with stems

You should not buy watermelons that have stems, because it means that they have been picked up before being ripe. You should look for watermelons with rather intended end, because it indicates that the watermelon has fallen off the wine.

6. Knocking

Many people think that there is no point in knocking the watermelon. However, ‘White on Rice’ strongly disagrees, claiming that you can choose a watermelon by knocking it and feeling its vibrations on your hand.