It is quite easy to start having negative thoughts. We always try to remain positive and have positive thoughts, but the worrying and negative thoughts are always hidden there and wait to appear on the surface.

There are many tips on how to get rid of the negative thoughts. One of the most effective ones may be the five steps recommended by a Buddhist master from India called Paramahansa Yogananda.

This Buddhists master recommends five simple steps that will help you get rid of negative thinking. His advice is so powerful because it tells us to face our fears and not run away from them.

What is even better is that if you follow these five steps, you will learn that you are responsible for your own personal happiness. All of us want that in life. To be able to control our happiness.

First step – face the things you are attached to and let go of them

Attachments are the one thing that brings fear. The more we become conscious about our body, the more we develop the sense of possession, the more we are worried about our reputation and the more we become obsessed with importance and power, the greater the chances we will feel fear.

On the other side, if we let go of the attachments, we will be able to let go of fear. We have to forget about our wish to be important, the wish for control and power over the others, the wish to be respected and well thought of, our obsession with possessions, well being and bodily health as well as our identification of ourselves with our body.

We can get rid of fear completely if we finally have no attachments to silly things. Fearlessness can only be achieved by those who feel that there is nothing to protect. Only those people don’t feel fear.

Second step – stop the worrying thoughts

You need worry fasts to get rid of the worrying thoughts. In the beginning, you need to start with worry fasts by doing them three times a day. you will need one hour when you wake up, another hour in the afternoon and one more hour in the evening. In these one hour periods, you are not supposed to allow a single thought that brings negativity and worries come up.

As you progress, you should extend the time of these periods. First, achieve an entire day, then a week and finally a month. Sooner than you think, you will break up the worrying thoughts.

Third step – laugh and spend time with happy people

Try to spend as much time as you can with people who are joyful. Laughter and joy can be considered as something contagious. There are people whose laughter and joy cannot be stopped by anything. Try to find this type of people and enjoy and consume their joy. Be on this laughter and joy diet. After a few months you will experience a change. Your life will seem happy and joyful.

Fourth step – always act from your heart

Fear is an emotion that comes from your heart. If you are feeling like you are overcome by dread due to some accident or disease, start to exhale rhythmically, slowly and deeply. Do this couple of times and try to relax on each time you exhale. This will help your body to reach a normal circulation of blood. When you heart is at peace, you cannot feel fear any more.

Fifth step – try to control your mind

We are in possession of an incredible instrument. This instrument is more powerful than a medicine, machine gun, poison gas or electricity. This powerful instrument is our mind. We have to make our mind stronger if we want to be stronger and free of negative and worrying thoughts.

Our life is an adventure. An extremely important part of this adventure is to learn how to control the mind. The mind that is controlled has to be attuned constantly. You can have a successful and a happy life when you achieve this. This can be achieved by exercising the power of your mind. You also have to attune your mind to God and this can be achieved through the power of meditation. When you control and attune your mind, the worrying and negative thoughts will disappear.