Many people implement various kinds of diets and training programs in order to lose the extra weight but most of the time it seems totally useless since the hours of the day are too short for their weight-loss routine.

Luckily, there are numerous things you can do without feeling guilty about missing your daily workout schedule or starving yourself with strict diets.

Here is how you can lose your extra weight without having to leave your home:

1. Don’t skip your meals

Never skip your meals, especially your breakfast, since that slows down your metabolism, making you feel hungry. This eventually leads to overeating and weight gain.

2. Eat slowly

If you overeat or eat too fast, you hinder the production of hormones in your body, which is supposed to boost your digestion.

3. Stair climbing

Take a couple of minutes per day to engage yourself in this activity. You can use the stairs not only for climbing, but for stretching as well.

4. Use essential oils

Apart from having countless benefits upon the overall health, essential oils are also very useful for melting fats and weight loss.

5. Provide enough sleep

Numerous studies have shown the way quality sleep influences the process of weight loss. According to the experts from the University of Michigan, if you add one more hour to your sleep you will increase your weight loss up to 13 pounds.

6. Consume vegetables

The more vegetables you eat, the faster your digestion will be. Instead of consuming foods rich in unhealthy fats, make sure you eat vegetables abundant in minerals, vitamins, fiber and water.

7. Eat soup

Soup can make you feel satiated without having to eat the unhealthy fats. Stew or bone soup are highly recommended in combination with some vegetables.

8. Consume foods rich in proteins

Proteins can suppress your cravings and speed up the process of weight loss. Make sure you increase the intake of the following protein-rich foods: lentils, almonds, quinoa, chicken breasts, fish and Greek yogurt.

9. Eating pause

When you seem unable to finish your meal stop eating. However, most people disregard the ″eating pause″ and continue with their meal. If you want to lose some weight make sure you stop eating, since your brain is sending you a signal that your body is already full.

10. Consume foods rich in fiber

Likewise proteins fiber makes you feel satiated for longer and prevents your unhealthy cravings for food. Viscous fiber is the most important for weight loss. You should implement these fiber-rich foods into your daily diet: oranges, oat cereals, beans, flax seeds, asparagus and Brussels sprouts.

11. Consume Whole Grains

Grains like oats, buckwheat and barley can help in the weight loss process. Foods like pizza crust, waffles and English muffins can be also helpful.

12. Reduce the intake of sugary drinks

Instead of regular soda, make sure you start drinking water and tea. You can add citrus fruit to the water or tea to improve their flavor.

13. Slim outfit awareness

Take a piece of clothing that you can’t wear anymore and hang it nearby. It is supposed to remind you of your goals so that you put greater efforts in losing the extra weight.

14. Drink less alcohol

If you want to lose some weight you shouldn’t consume alcohol at all. It contains 7 calories per gram and it increases your cravings and the feeling of hunger.

15. Start exercising Pilates

Pilates is the best exercising technique which can help you build a strong core and muscle mass. Most of these exercises are very easy so you can practice them at home.

16. Drink green tea

Green tea is a great metabolism booster and it speeds up the weight loss process. Make sure you drink at least 1 cup of green tea per day.

17. Practice yoga

Apart from promoting weight loss, yoga also improves your mental health. Many experts suggest that yoga should become a part of your daily routine.

18. Homemade meals

When you cook at home you pay attention to the ingredients you use, which is great for losing weight. In that way, you avoid the intake of unhealthy and processed foods.

19. Chew mint-flavored gum

Mint-flavored, sugar-free gum prevents cravings and helps you to stay full for longer period of time.

20. Avoid meat

You won’t lose your weight if you enjoy eating beef, pork and bacon. Instead make sure you eat turkey and fish in combination with tomatoes, potatoes, roasted peppers and mustard.

21. Use smaller plates

When you eat from smaller plates you eat less, thus contributing to weight loss.

22. Control the intake of food

Make sure you measure the right components and content of the food you eat since it is relevant for getting rid of the extra pounds.

23. The 80-20 Rule

This rule is also known as ″Hara Hachi Bu″ and it means that you should stop consuming food when you are 80% full. Most people don’t stop eating until they are 100% full. Make sure you implement this ancient proportion measurement, since it will help you to lose your weight.

24. Vegetarian meals

Vegetable meals contain organic products which are extremely beneficial in losing weight.

25. Tips for eating out

Order a child’s portion or an appetizer instead of the main meal. If you have ordered a larger portion, make sure you share it with someone else.

26. Read the labels

Make sure you read the product labels to ensure they are organic and free of salt, sugar and fat.

27. Stop consuming unhealthy products

Remove the unhealthy products from your fridge and everything that encourages weight gain and replace them with healthier ones.

28. Turn off your electronic devices while you are eating

Make sure you enjoy your food without the outer disruptions, like TV or video games. Otherwise you are more likely to overeat.

29. Drink plenty of water

Proper hydration is the most important factor for losing weight. According to numerous studies, drink a glass of water before you start eating since it will make you feel satiated.

30. Group activities

Engage yourself into fun and healthy activities with your family members or friends. This will help you to lose weight and spend more time with your loved ones.

31. Consume Feta cheese

Feta cheese is extremely healthy and offers no calories at all. You can combine it with all kinds of food without worrying about gaining weight.

32. Epsom salt baths

Epsom salt baths have been used for decades for body detoxification. When you get rid of the toxins your metabolism becomes faster, thus promoting the burning of calories.

33. Be mindful of your snacking

Snacking throughout the day contributes to weight gain. Most people are doing this out of boredom, so instead of consuming food, next time you want to snack on something, make sure you take a glass of water.

34. Avoid stress

Increased stress levels as well as sleep deprivation increase your risk of weight gain and numerous diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular issues and obesity.

35. Extra tips for burning calories

Start walking on a daily basis for at least 20 minutes. Do housecleaning for about a half an hour and practice some light jogging for about ten minutes.