Drinking lemon water every morning on an empty stomach is an amazingly healthy habit practiced by numerous people around the world. Lemon is the best source of vitamins and other nutrients.

It has various health benefits and here is a list of some them:

1. Flu and colds

Vitamin C bolsters the immune system and effectively treats all kinds of infectious diseases, like flu and common colds.

2. Inflammation

Lemon is known for its mighty anti-inflammatory properties which prevent and treat the inflammatory processes in the body.

3. Joint pain

Lemon relieves symptoms of joint pain and arthritis because it has the ability to dissolve uric acid.

4. Strengthens the immunity

If your immune system is weak and you often suffer from various inflammatory and infectious diseases, then you should drink lemon water on a regular basis to increase the strength of your immune system.

5. Kidney stones

Lemon is rich in potassium which increases the levels of citrate in the urine, thus preventing formation of kidney stones.

6. Acne

Lemon water regulates the pH levels of the skin which in turn prevents acne and promotes skin detoxification.

7. Post-workout muscle pain

It is normal to suffer from sore muscles after a heavy workout routine. So, in order to soothe this problem, ensure you consume lemon water every day.

8. Weight loss

Lemon contains fiber and many other nutrients which boost digestion and support the process of burning fat. It also stimulates the production of bile which also aids the digestion and the process of weight loss.

9. Bladder discomfort

To alleviate bladder discomfort, drink a glass of lemon water each morning with your meal.

10. Stronger nails

Lemon water prevents white spots on your nails and makes them stronger.

11. Food poisoning

Lemon water can reduce the risk of food poisoning when you travel abroad.

12. GERD

You can fight GERD just in couple of weeks by drinking a glass of lemon water per day.

13. Fibromyalgia

If you experience a lack of energy or constant fatigue you may suffer from fibromyalgia. Luckily, lemon water can help in the treatment of this condition as well.

14. Protects your eyes

Lemon water helps you to maintain the health of your eyes and fights all eye and vision problems.

15. Heartburn

If you suffer from heartburn, a glass of lemon water can give you relief because it balances the levels of oxygen and calcium in the liver.

16. It keeps your breath fresh

Dry mouth is the reason for bad breath because it increases the growth of bacteria. However, lemon stimulates the production of saliva which prevents dry mouth, thus keeping your breath fresh.

17. Promotes hydration

Water is the best drink to hydrate your body properly. However, some people don’t like drinking water because it is tasteless. To enhance its flavor you can add lemon to it. This in turn will help you drink more water, thus hydrating your body.