High level of estrogen, also known as estrogen dominance, is very common, sot not only you should know its symptoms and signs, but also you should know how to lower it.


Even though estrogen is considered as a female hormone and testosterone as a male hormone, they are found both in men and women. In women, estrogen regulates the menstrual cycle by controlling the uterine lining growth and initiates secondary sex development: armpit hair, public hair and breasts. It affects the reproductive system, too.

In addition, estrogen takes part in other processes, such as: bone formation. It acts with vitamin D, calcium and other hormones in order to break down and build bones. It also plays a vital role in regulating the vaginal lubrication, the thickness of urethral lining and the vaginal wall, blood clots and other functions of the body.


Nowadays, we are exposed to numerous estrogen compounds, found in foods that are full of growth hormones, herbicides and toxic pesticides. The household objects, like carpeting, detergents, furniture, which we use every day, have endocrine disrupters that act as estrogen. Most of these toxins are considered to stimulate the estrogen production.

Other causes of estrogen dominance include:

• Stress
• Medications
• Increased consumption of alcohol
• High blood pressure
• Diabetes
• Heart disease
• Obesity

However, before giving you an effective remedy for balancing your hormones, we are going to show you some of the most common symptoms of high levels of estrogen.


When there is estrogen imbalance in the body, you may experience certain symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms of estrogen include:

• Sluggish metabolism
• Sleeping difficulties and insomnia
• Thyroid dysfunction
• Brain fog
• Sudden weight gain
• Hair loss
• Low libido
• PMS with headaches, mood changes, breast swelling and tenderness.
• Fatigue
• Abnormal menstrual cycles
• Bloating
• Fibrocystic breast developments (lumps)
• Cold hand or feet
• Lack of energy and tiredness
• Frequent headaches


1. Get rid of xenoestrogens

Today, we are exposed to numerous chemicals. One of the most common is xenoestrogen, which acts in the same way as estrogen in the body. So, in order to avoid toxic exposure, you should stop using:

• Birth control pills
• Dryer sheets
• Soy protein isolate
• Tap water
• Non-organic dairy products
• Toiletries, make-up and cosmetics
• BPA cans
• Plastic Tupperware
• Plastic water bottles

2. Efficient removal

It is necessary to eliminate estrogen and prevent its appearance in the bloodstream in cases of severe chronic constipation. Having daily bowel movements are also essential, so make sure:

• You eat more fiber-rich foods
• Consume 2 – 3 liters of water on a daily basis
• Consume vegetables with each meal
• Take probiotics, like tempeh, miso, yoghurt, and kefir
• Take Triphala or magnesium citrate supplements in order to enhance bowel movements

In order to enhance the elimination of waste and toxins from the body, you should:

• Breathe deeply to enhance the function of the lungs
• Go to sauna or do regular exercise to promote sweating
• Use a skin brush to get rid of dead cells
• Do body massages to enhance the lymph function
• Manage stress levels

3. Enhance estrogen removal and improve the liver health

Estrogen is eliminates by a properly functioning liver. Firstly, the liver transforms the harmful estrogen into milder estrogen, and then, it makes it soluble, so that it can be removed through the urine or the stool.

However, the liver may not be able to perform its function properly there is a lack of nutrients in the body, or if it is exposed to numerous chemicals as a result of increased use of alcohol, drugs or processed foods.

In order to enhance the function of the liver, you should:

• Avoid overeating
• Avoid consuming alcohol
• Drink plenty of filtrated water
• Include more whole-foods in the diet
• Take vitamins B, like B6, B12 and folic acid, or a hormone-regulating formula, which contains: sulforaphane, Indole-3-carbinol, calcium-D-glucarate or DIM.
• Consume foods that enhance the function of the liver, such as: Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, shallots, leek, inions, artichoke, dark leafy greens, eggs, garlic, beets, dandelion, kale, etc.
• Use botanical supplements, which also enhance the function of the liver, such as: wild yam, ginger, licorice, gentian, Oregon grape root, dandelion root, milk thistle, barberry, red clover, burdock, rosemary, etc.

In addition, in order to boost up your metabolism and enhance the overall health by energizing and detoxifying the body, you can try a detox program, which contains laxative-free and pure organic medicinal herbs, such as: matcha and yerba mate, which energize the body, milk thistle seeds, which detoxify the liver, dandelion root, passion flower and valerian root to relax the body and relieve anxiety.