Onions are vegetable that can be added in every meal and they have a distinctive flavor and have different medicinal properties. They have powerful antibiotic and antiseptic properties, because they contain sulfur and they can help to fight against the free radicals, which can cause certain chronic diseases, including cancer.

Onions can improve the immune system; they can regulate the blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol, fight against vomiting, support heart health and treat arthritis.

Onions were used by Native Americans for treating flu and common colds, coughs, congestion, bronchitis and respiratory infections.
We present you few important health benefits that onions have:


They contain sulfur which has potent antibacterial properties and can destroy microbes that which are the reason for coughs. Take half of an onion, add one tablespoon of brown sugar on the slices. Cover them for 30 minutes and eat them 2 times in day to reduce the cough. Sulfur additionally fight against inflammation and detoxifies the body.

Chest Congestion

Take one onion, crush it and add coconut oil. Apply this paste on your chest. Cover the place with a towel. The onion vapors will loosen up the chest mucus.


Take coconut oil and apply it on the bottom of your feet. Take thin onion slices, and place them over the feet arch. Take a plastic foil and wrap the feet. Take clean socks and put them on. The onions should be left to act during the night so they can draw out toxins, sickness and bacteria.


Take one onion, grate it and squeeze out the juice with a cheesecloth. Brew a little bit of peppermint tea. Set it aside to cool down. Drink 2 teaspoons of the onion juice. 5 minutes later take 2 teaspoons of peppermint tea. Do this until the vomiting has stopped.

Ear Infections

Take one onion and chop it. Transfer the chopped onion in a thin sock and tie it. Place the sock over the ear and leave it so it can reduce the infection.

Soothe a Bug Bite

Onions have anti-inflammatory properties and they can fight against inflammation and also soothe the discomfort because of the insect bite. Take an onion or a little bit of fresh onion juice and place it on the area with the bug bite.

Sore Throat

Take onion skins and add them in water. Boil them and use it as a gargle. The potent anti-inflammatory properties can help with relieving inflammation and pain in the throat.


For preventing infections, to stop bleeding and speed up the healing process take the film of the onion skin and apply it on the cut.

Minor burns or Sunburns

The sulfur in the onion is going to soothe the burning and redness, and also speed up the regeneration of the skin. Take fresh onion and apply it on the burns in order to prevent any infections.

Cleanse the Air

You can purify the air by cut an onion and placing it over the house. It is going to absorb all bacteria and viruses from the air.

Hair Loss

In a pot with water add one onion and boil it. Use the water to rinse your hair with it before you apply shampoo. It will promote hair growth; it will fight against hair loss and also help you to eliminate dandruff.

Colic Baby

Your baby can drink one teaspoon of onion tea on every 60 minutes until the colic is soothed. Onions can help with digestion; they can boost the stomach health, and can provide muscle relaxation.a