It can be said that Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara is responsible for the longevity of the Japanese, because his advice helped his people live happily and healthily. He died on July 18, 2017, at 105, and left us valuable knowledge of the mysterious secret of a long life.

Do you want to live 100 years in a good shape of healthy body and spirit? It is possible and he is a true example. He devoted his life to achieving the longevity of the nation. He helped establish a medical system thanks to which the Japanese became one of the most longest-living nations in the world. He worked in a hospital almost until his death, healed patients and taught students at universities.

Here are some of his tips for a long, healthy and quality life:

1. Be fit

Doctor Hinohara has repeatedly stressed that those who live 100 years aren’t overweight and you should therefore pay attention to weight and physical fitness. You don’t have to burden yourself with diet, but you should be careful not to overeat.

2. Don’t believe everything your doctor tells you

Hinohara thought that doctors can’t cure every disease, and every patient. He told people to ask their doctors if they would recommend their therapies to their relatives. If the answer was negative, why expose themselves to unnecessary stress and suffering?

3. Science alone can’t cure people

Doctor Hinohara believed that every human being is unique and proposed that liberal and visual arts, as well as animals, can help treat illnesses.

4. Plan ahead

Hinohara always had a complete program for the year in advance, and planned even further in the future. His attitude toward life and plans show what an optimist he was, which is also an important thing for longevity.

5. Pain is mysterious

The most effective way to overcome pain is through fun. When the child falls, he will cry until his attention is attracted by something else. Then he will forget about the pain. That’s how adults should work. Forget the pain through fun. He thought that hospitals should bring therapeutic dogs and other animals, but also music that will help patients cope with pain.

6. Energy comes from the fact that we feel good

You won’t be more energetic if you sleep all day long. Instead, be like a child, enjoy your time and have fun. This will give you energy and you won’t have food cravings.

7. Inspire yourself every day

Read, find literature that inspires you. So did Hinohara. Listen to music, enjoy the fine arts, stay in nature – just always look for inspiration.

8. Enjoy life

Doctor Hinohara enjoyed every single moment in life, he worked 18h a day, every single day, he served society, and he volunteered.

9. Always use the stairs and carry your luggage and bags

To stay healthy and vital, forget about elevators. Always use the stairs and try to carry your luggage. Of course, Hinohara used the stairs and always skipped one. Stairs and hiking are a daily exercise for your heart and body.

10. Life is unpredictable – so stop worrying

Hinohara was hijacked by the communist Red Army when he was 59, and he spent four days under handcuffed to his seat at a really high temperature. Bad things sometimes happen and worrying means you experience them twice.

11. Share your knowledge and skills with others

Hinohara held around 150 lectures every year. He taught all kinds of people, from the youngest children in school, to the serious businessmen and doctors. He always stood as he spoke, and lectures sometimes lasted up to 90 minutes.

12. Don’t stress over material goods

Don’t waste your life with the accumulation of material things, when you die, you won’t be able take them with you anyway.

13. Find yourself a role model

You need to have a role model in your life. For doctor Hinohara, it was his father, and every time he faced difficulties, he asked himself what his father would do.

14. You do not have to retire if you do not want to

“After 65, I started volunteering. I teach and visit patients, even 18 hours a day, and I enjoy every minute of my work, “said Hinohara. If someone wants to work more, let them work. If someone wants to work more, let them retire and let them do what they want to do.