Coconut oil has extremely beneficial properties for the whole organism, whether used for external or internal use. However, it is good to keep in mind that pressed extractions and other types of refined coconut oil are suitable for external use, and for internal use it is advisable to use unrefined coconut oil.

Natural coconut oil has a number of health benefits, and is also widely used in cosmetics and the preparation of various types of dishes. It contains lauric acid, which has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal activity. The medium-chain triglycerides contained in it are associated with burning of fat and as a result it helps to fight excess pounds. It is also a good moisturizer and is part of many beauty products.

Here’s what the other benefits of coconut oil are:

1. Eat one spoon when you need to raise your energy levels.

2. Use it as part of recipes for the preparation of body scrubs.

3. Maintain the cutting boards in the kitchen using coconut oil to neutralize odors.

4. Use it as a hair conditioner (apply on dry hair, leave it as long as possible and then wash your hair with shampoo).

5. Use it as a styling preparation for dry hair. Take a little coconut oil, brush it on your palms and style your hair in the desired way.

6. Use it as a moisturizing lip balm. Put it in a small container and always carry it with you in your purse.

7. Coconut oil is also good for pets. Add one tablespoon to your dog or cat food.

8. Replace unhealthy oil with coconut oil in cooking and preparing baked goods.

9. You can make excellent and healthy ice cream with coconut oil.

10. Place a small amount of it on your armpits and use it as a natural deodorant.

11. Use it as a shaving cream replacement.

12. Place coconut oil in a filled bathtub to moisturize your skin (you can also add a few drops of peppermint oil).

13. You can use this oil as a makeup remover.

14. For calming chickenpox, herpes or other rashes and irritations of the skin.

15. For fungal infection of the legs.

16. Consume one spoon of coconut oil along with your vitamins for their better absorption.

17. For faster healing of cuts and burns.

18. Consume 5 tablespoons of coconut oil a day to improve your thyroid function.

19. Use it as an addition in your smoothies for a better taste and greater nutrition (1 tablespoon).

20. Apply coconut oil around your eyes to prevent wrinkles and dark circles.

21. Use it as massage oil.

22. Apply coconut oil on your baby’s rash caused by the use of diapers.

23. For prevention and reduction of visibility of the stretch marks.

24. Breast-feeding mothers can rub coconut oil on their nipples to prevent skin cracking and irritation.

25. Likewise, nursing mothers may increase milk flow by using this oil.

26. Use it in case of bee stings or other insect bites to calm your skin.

27. Women can use it to eliminate fungal infections and dry skin.

28. A spoonful of coconut oil with each meal will improve your digestion.

29. For treating mucous membrane in the nose in people who suffer from nosebleeds.

30. Helps in calming and treating hemorrhoids.

31. Consume it to reduce or eliminate migraines.

32. Combine it with peppermint oil, lemon balm, rosemary or tea tree oil to make an insect repellent.

33. Mix it with soda and use it as a non-toxic detergent for kitchen appliances.

34. Use it during fasting to help detoxify your body.

35. Use it to polish metal surfaces, but always first test it on a smaller area.

36. Use it to maintain leather products.

37. Maintain your metal pans with coconut oil.

38. Use coconut oil to untangle your hair.

39. It’s a great agent against corrosion.

40. Use coconut oil as a lubricant (but it is not safe to combine with latex).

41. Take one spoon of coconut oil in cases of acid reflux.

42. Coconut oil is a great natural sunscreen (in combination with other ingredients).

43. In combination with lemon juice, coconut oil can be used to polish the furniture (always test it first on smaller surfaces).

44. Mix it with butter and put the popcorn into the mixture.

45. Use it for the treatment of cracked or dry heels.

46. Massage your nails and cuticles with coconut oil to strengthen them.

47. With a few tablespoons a day, every day, you can improve the overall immune system.

48. Rub a bit of coconut oil inside of the nose in case of runny nose, allergies and swelling.

49. As a lubricant for guitar strings.

50. For massaging tired or swollen muscles (best in combination with essential oil).

51. To clean your mascara brush.

52. For strengthening your eyelashes.

53. For the treatment of acne and pimples.

54. Use it instead of butter to prepare toast (best in combination with cinnamon).

55. Studies show that coconut oil can help treat dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

56. For eliminating lice.

57. For the prevention of stretch marks in pregnant women.

58. Use coconut oil as a tasty addition in your coffee or tea.

59. Apply it on new tattoos to accelerate skin recovery.

60. Mix it with baking soda and use it as a face scrub.

66. Mix it with a nutmeg and apply it to stains (leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash it).

67. Use it to relieve burns, but only after they are cooled down, not immediately. Otherwise, the oil will keep the heat in the skin.

68. To reduce eczema and psoriasis.

69. Massage your dog’s skin with coconut oil to eliminate dandruff.

70. Add it to your dog’s diet (1 tablespoon) to help treat arthritis or other problems with joints and ligaments, as well as problems with digestion and weight.

71. Non-toxic treatment against fleas.

72. To relieve damaged skin.

73. Take a spoon of coconut oil before each meal to control your appetite.

74. Helps in the treatment of Candida.

75. Helps treat bladder infection and relieves the symptoms.

76. Coconut oil helps smooth out wrinkles and narrow the pores.

77. Helps in cases of fungal infections (internal and external).

78. Use coconut oil to clean the brushes and hands after painting with oil paint.

79. Use it in cases of sore throat (put a little in your mouth, let it melt and slowly swallow).

80. If you are waxing at home, you can use it to remove the excess wax on your skin.

81. Some recommend it to patients who have a problem with lack of attention or hyperactivity.

82. Coconut oil can be used for the preparation of home-made soups.

83. Use it to clean the interior of your car (put on a cloth and polish).

84. Drip a few drops of coconut oil at the earliest signs of ear infection.

85. In some patients, coconut oil has helped soften the kidney stones, which made it easier to eject them.

86. Use it in the kitchen to coat the scissors before cutting the food that is glued (for example, dates, marshmellow).

87. For a better effect in treating hemorrhoids, combine coconut oil with a drop of lavender oil.

88. Doctors recommend pregnant women to apply coconut oil on the perineum starting from 7 or 8 months.

89. Mix it with cinnamon and oatmeal and use it as a facial scrub.

90. You can clean the inside of your dog’s ears using coconut oil.

91. There are cases of successful treatment of eyelid abscess using coconut oil.

92. Helps with vaginal dryness during menopause.

93. Wipe the leaves of your plants with coconut oil to make them shine.

94. Remove the chewing gum from your shoes or carpet using coconut oil.

95. Use coconut oil to alleviate conjunctivitis.

96. Use it as a frying oil instead of soy oil.

97. Regular application of coconut oil improves the condition of the skin acne.

98. It increases the absorption of calcium and magnesium.

99. Coconut oil remineralises the teeth.

100. According to some scientific studies, beneficial fats in coconut oil help people with autism.

101. Rub coconut oil on the elbows to deal with dry and rough skin.