People born between July 23rd and August 22nd have sign Leo and their representative is the Lion. They have different characteristics and some of them include strength, determination and loyalty. All of them are very similar to the king of the jungle.

Sun rules the Leos. It is in the center of the universe and it is the main fuel for every being. That is why Leos think they are the center and think they are indispensable.

They are also self-assured, outgoing and enjoy everything. Leos have tremendous enthusiasm, they choose success, but sometimes can be bossy as well. They are very decisive, very proud and extremely romantic.

Fire is the element related with Leo and that is why everything related to them is hot.

We present you 10 characteristics of Leos. Enjoy.

1. They enjoy their own company and they are not afraid to be alone.

Leos are very self-sufficient and independent. However, they want to be accompanied by their trustworthy allies in the journey called life.

2. They do not feel that they must to have control over everything – people want to entrust them with control.

As they are determined and strong, people tend to be comfortable when they are in charge.

3. They do not want to exude sexuality, they are very confident and that is why people think that.

Leos have confidence and incredible charisma, which is the reason why people are attracted to them.

4. It is in their blood to be always brutally honest.

Leos are very headstrong and that is the reason why they always want to solve the problem when they see it. A lot of people think of it as rudeness. However, they know that those are not their intentions.

5. Image is all.

Leos know that having a positive image is very important for becoming a leader.

6. If someone wants to calm them down – it is not going to happen at all.

Leos are fierce just like the king of the jungle. If someone invalidates their feelings and think they are overreacting, they will become even more upset.

7. They are confident, but sensitive as well.

If someone they love gives you a harsh compliment, they can get hurt – a lot.

8. Even though they can never say it out loud, they know they are way better than a lot of people
The reason why people think that Leos are egotistical is because of their attractiveness, charisma and control over things is in their head.

9. Your friends mean everything.

Leos are selective about their surroundings and people who surround them become much more than friends. They become your family and lifelong allies.

10. They enjoy their own company.

They are confident and able to make great decisions and that makes them not so good company for those that surround them and great company for themselves.